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Protect Kentucky Access releases first television ad Subscribers Public

The coalition opposing Amendment 2 began airing their first television ads of the campaign today.

When abortion at a clinic is not available, 1 in 3 pregnant people say they will do something on their own to end the pregnancy Subscribers Public

Results of a study show that outlawing clinic-based abortion doesn’t stop the practice – it just pushes some people to alternatives, including dangerous ones.

Mitch McConnell can help save democracy Subscribers Public

A recent NYT editorial identifies two threats to our democracy. One of the threats is hard to stop – but Mitch McConnell can stop the other by himself. Will he?

Donald Trump’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day Subscribers Public

Ever have one of those days? TFG had one yesterday. And it was wonderful – for the rest of us.

Fifteen questions to ask candidates before you vote Subscribers Public

An expansion of the “ten questions” article of a few weeks ago. Print these out and take them with you to ask candidates yourselves!

Interview with Tommy Adams Subscribers Public

This week Robert and Jazmin interviewed Tommy Adams, candidate for State House in District 73. Tommy is running in Winchester and southeast Lexington. He's an avid outdoorsman and educator. We were excited to bring him to our show!

Who’s got Andy’s back? Subscribers Public

Aaron, Doug and Kimberly discuss another big week for Kentucky thanks to Governor Andy Beshear & what that means for November 8. Then, the Colonels meet up with two more great candidates for the KY legislature, Martina Jackson and Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson.

KY one of only 19 states to recover jobs lost during Covid Subscribers Public

Kentucky now has more jobs than it had at the start of the pandemic, which puts it in the top 20 states for job recovery.

KY Open Govt Coalition continues to take on the Pension Authority Subscribers Public

The KY Public Pensions Authority continues to refuse to release the rest of the Calcaterra report. And the Open Government Coalition continues to push.

Berry, Melinda, and the Beefeater Subscribers Public

While watching Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Berry Craig reflects on the Beefeater he and Melinda got to know on a trip to London. A really cool story!

Chuck Eddy: “I was once a Republican. Now I’m running as a Democrat. Here’s why.” Subscribers Public

State Senate candidate Chuck Eddy tells why he is running as a Dem this time, and what he thinks of his former party.

The days after Labor Day Subscribers Public

On Labor Day we celebrate the American worker, even as we are being pressed to the breaking point by our “Survival of the Fittest” economy.

What you need to know about Kelly Craft, an LMPD court case update, and Katherine Leonard interview Subscribers Public

Kelly Craft is running for Governor, and Robert told us who she is, what she's done, how she's running, and who is supporting her. Jazmin gave an update about the federal case against former LMPD officers. The interview is with Katherine Leonard, the Dem candidate for KY House in E-town.

Will KY protect abortion access? w/ Tamarra Weider Subscribers Public

Doug and Aaron discuss KY’s big threats to democracy and reproductive freedom with Tamarra Weider, who talks about the danger of Amendment 2 and what Planned Parenthood is doing to stop it. And,we meet up with KY State Senate District 34 Candidate Susan Cintra in the Campaign Corner.

Wednesday News & Notes Subscribers Public

Wed N&N: Abortion access group raises $$; Greenberg on guns; the possible railroad strike; Trump family’s lies in KY; study of diversity in KY; the #1 political party in the state

Protect Kentucky Access releases financial support, grassroots donations Subscribers Public

Yesterday, Protect Kentucky Access, the campaign to defeat Amendment 2, filed its financial disclosure statement for calendar year 2022, reporting over $1.4 million in contributions.

Dem withdraws – shenanigans ensue Subscribers Public

Matthew Pfaadt made an innocent but costly mistake, and has had to withdraw his candidacy. Should be a simple situation – but it has become anything but.

Here’s some background on Kelly Craft from the KDP Subscribers Public

Kelly Craft has just announced her candidacy for governor, and already the KDP has released some of their oppo research on her. Let’s take a look.

When it comes to open records, is Allison Ball another Bevin? Subscribers Public

Matt Bevin disliked our open records laws, and tried to ignore them whenever he could. Is candidate Allison Ball following the same path?

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