About Forward Kentucky

What is Forward Kentucky?

Forward Kentucky is a progressive web site based in Kentucky and focused on Kentucky politics, politicians, and policies, with the goal of helping our state move forward and be all that it can be.

Who is behind this?

Forward Kentucky was founded by Bruce Maples, who has been active in Democratic politics in Louisville for over a decade, including being on the local Executive Committee, being heavily involved in the Metro Democratic Club, and running for Metro Council in 2014. (He lost; it wasn’t a good night for the Blue team. <g>)

Are you a non-profit?

No, we are a for-profit company (Maples Media LLC). We did this intentionally, in order to be able to endorse candidates if we choose to, like your local news outlets can do. We can put up Act Blue pages for candidates, which we have done in the past, but as a corporation, the one thing we cannot do is donate to candidates.

How are you supported financially?

We did a crowdfunding drive in 2016 to get started, but that was a one-time thing. For about five years, we received income through memberships, and had a paywall to encourage readers to support the work. In 2021, we took down the paywall and ended the memberships, and made all our content available for free. So at this point, we rely on donations from readers.

Where can I find Forward Kentucky content? What are your media channels?

Our website is ForwardKY.com. This is the home base, and a place you should check regularly for new stories.

Our other channels are:

  • Facebook – Go like our page on Facebook.
  • Twitter (Main) – Follow @ForwardKY. This is the site’s main feed.

To see all the Maples Media channels, check out our “How to Keep Up” page.