Action Alert for 3/22/22

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

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Okay, folks, we’re down to the wire. Time to hit the Comment Line and/or email your legislators about the bills you care about.

Here’s my list for today. I’ve tried to keep it to the most-urgent bills (in my opinion). Pick one, or two, or all, and call and write. I’ve included which chamber they are in so you can leave a message for all members of that chamber if you want.

Bills to Oppose

  • HB 3 – Omnibus anti-abortion bill (Senate)
  • HB 7 – Attack on safety net (Senate)
  • HB 8 – Getting rid of income tax (Senate)
    • Fiscal statement says this bill will cost the state $1.8 billion over next two years.
    • In my opinion, this is the most damaging bill to come out of Frankfort in at least the past 30 years. It is the bill I am most focused on.
  • HB 9 – Charter school funding (House)
  • SB 321 – Limit abortions to 15 weeks (House)
  • HB 313 / SB 313 – Attacks on charitable bail funds.
    • Additional message: “Get rid of wealth-based incarceration instead. Bail organizations are the symptom; attack the problem.”

Bills to Support

  • HB 136 – Medical MJ (Senate)
  • SB 564 – Keep COVID voting expansions (Senate)
  • HB 174 – Medicaid eligibility for new mothers (Senate)


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