After having its Medicaid work requirements waiver struck down in court, the Bevin administration has cancelled vision and dental coverage for all who would have gotten it via the work requirements, effective immediately.

The 460,000 persons losing their vision and dental coverage originally obtained it through the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The Bevin administration had said in their Medicaid waiver plan that those persons would have to “qualify” for the coverage, and the rest of their health insurance, by participating in “community engagement” activities, otherwise commonly referred to as work requirements.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services said that since the court struck down the waiver, there was now no “legal mechanism” for continuing the coverage.

That same spokesperson, Doug Hogan, said that the state had indicated that if the waiver was struck down, benefits would have to be cut. Other benefit cuts are being considered.

There was immediate reaction to the cancelling of benefits by a variety of voices.

More details can be found on the Kentucky Voices for Health site.