Alison Grimes releases statement ahead of Fancy Farm


Via press release from Secretary of State Alison Grimes:

The annual Fancy Farm Picnic has always been an important fundraiser for St. Jerome’s Parish and West Kentucky. But the new Kentucky Republican tax plan means fewer dollars raised at this weekend’s fundraiser will actually help the church, its parishioners, and the people of West Kentucky. Organizers expect to pay $13,000 or more in new sales taxes this year, because everything from bingo to the 5K is now taxed under the Republican majority’s tax plan. As I have said before, this is wrong. Raising new revenue should not come at the expense of our Kentucky churches, non-profits, and small businesses.

Additionally, on the drive through West Kentucky to Fancy Farm, visitors will pass the farms of families who are desperately concerned right now about new tariffs that will negatively affect their bottom lines. I’ve talked with countless farmers who worry their livelihoods are in jeopardy because President Trump’s trade war will make it more expensive to service equipment, produce product, and ultimately more expensive for our nation’s consumers. Washington must get the message: new trade deals mean nothing if our farmers can’t make a living.

As folks await the barbecue, bingo, and political barbs, it is abundantly clear, from taxes to tariffs, the Republican majorities in Frankfort and Washington are not working for Kentucky families.


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  • I completely agree with most of your views, but I fully believe churches should be taxed. Sounds like this should be a great picnic this year tho!

  • Our churches, especially in the Age of Trump, are doing so much to feed, clothe, and find shelter for those who are desperately in need. They don’t ask for an ID or a green card, they just do God’s work by following His word. So I agree; they should not be taxed.