Attica Scott will not run for governor in 2019


Via a statement on her Facebook page:

Thank you to the good people of Kentucky House District 41 for sending me back to Frankfort to represent you in the legislature. I am excited about 2019 and ready to show up, speak out and stand up for and with Kentuckians! I am thrilled to no longer be the only woman of color in the entire state legislature. Representation matters and we are looking better with a diverse House Democratic leadership team—the House—not the Senate.

Thank you to the 1000s of good people across Kentucky and across our country who have showered me with tremendous support as I have contemplated running for governor. It’s not often that a woman who grew up in the projects of Beecher Terrace in Louisville gets the chance to even be considered as a viable candidate for the highest office in the state – whatever viable means.

I have decided not to campaign for governor of Kentucky. My daughter, Ashanti, will soon be heading 600+ miles away for college and I am dedicating this time to spend with her. Like many of you, I am also not in a financial position to take the time off from my full-time job in order to run a successful statewide race. Unfortunately, there are still many barriers for working class folks and single moms like me to run for higher office.

I am going to continue working with my colleagues to get our bills at least heard in committee, particularly in an environment where none of the Black people who are members of the House had any of our bills heard in the 2018 session. I will keep lifting up these issues and refuse to allow us to be treated as invisible by the political establishment.

Since announcing in 2018 that I was considering a run for Governor, many of you have started asking important questions like why no Black person is running as a Lieutenant Governor candidate or for any of the Constitutional offices that will be on the ballot this year. We have to lift up one another, folks. To that end, I am going to continue traveling across Kentucky building authentic relationships and helping Democratic candidates pursue elected office.

Many of you have said you will look to me to decide who to support if I chose not to run. I have not endorsed any candidate at this time and will not until someone emerges who has a clear agenda that includes eliminating poverty, promoting racial justice, women’s rights, worker justice, environmental justice, fairness and equity.

I have listened to those of you who believe in my policy work and have said that you would like to see me serving in higher office. We will get there together. Thank you for your support.