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Dr. Del Ramey has a doctorate in electrical engineering, and got into photography while in his senior year at the Speed School at UofL. He quickly caught on to the the mechanics and chemistry of dark room film and print processing, but as he said, "Figuring out what to point the camera at was a real learning process!" Nevertheless, through graduate school Del was the guy with the camera. Del is now the retired old guy with a camera who shows up at any happening that interests him. Usually the most liberal engineer in any room, his interests include a wide range of social justice issues, as well as arts and music, family, and just walking around.
Stop Asian Hate

The anti-hate vigil on Sunday — a photo gallery

Hundreds of people attended a vigil on Sunday in Louisville, to stand AGAINST hate and to stand WITH the Asian-American community. Del Ramey attended the vigil, and shares this photo gallery.
My focus is off, but her determination is clear.

Remembering Breonna Taylor — a story in photos

A memorial and demonstration was held on March 13 in Louisville to mark the one-year anniversary of the killing of Breonna Taylor at the hands of Louisville police. Del Ramey was there with his trusty camera, and gathered this story in pictures.

The great storm is over!

From an old song: "Alleluia, the great storm is over!" We've lived through many great storms as a nation. Is this storm over?

Music and McGrath — the GOTV concert in Louisville

Amy McGrath's campaign held a GOTV concert in Louisville at Lynn Family Stadium, with both in-person attendees and a live stream on social media. Forward Kentucky photographer Del Ramey was there and captured both some great photos and excerpts of the speeches and comments.
We know that this is political retaliation.

Charges dropped! — a photo gallery

On Tuesday, all the protesters who were charged with felony rioting had their arraignment hearing. Del Ramey was there from beginning to end, so you can see what happened through the lens of his camera.
Reacting to the paucity of charges and low $15K cash bail for Brett Hankison.

Reactions to grand jury results captured in photos

Forward Kentucky photographers Del Ramey and Nick Lacy captured reactions to the release of the Breonna Taylor grand jury findings.

Protest and march at AG’s office in Louisville

Protesters gathered at the Louisville office of Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Friday, September 18, to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Del Ramey was there and captured these images.

McGrath in Louisville — a press conference, then a voter registration...

Forward Kentucky contributor Cathy Hill attended the presser and wrote up the report on it, while photographer Del Ramey attended the Shawnee Park event and got some good pictures to share.

Presbyterians lead march for justice for Breonna — a photo gallery

On Saturday, August 29, a "March for Justice for Breonna" was held in downtown Louisville, organized by the Presbyterian Church (USA). Del Ramey was there, and captured these images from the march.
Eye to eye contact.

McGrath visits the picket lines – a photo gallery

On Thursday, Senate candidate Amy McGrath visited two different picket lines in Louisville. Forward Kentucky photographer Del Ramey was at both events and captured the following photo galleries.
Breonna's portrait. The display has been rotated from the north to the west.

Atlanta visits Breonna Square – a photo gallery

On Saturday, August 7, visitors from Atlanta came to Louisville to rally with our citizens at Breonna Square in downtown Louisville. Del Ramey was there and captured these photos, then later captioned them for us. Enjoy!
The militia had been standing, until Grand Master Jay told them to kneel down.

The ‘multiple-militias’ protest in Louisville – a photo gallery

Competing militias joined local protesters in downtown Louisville on Saturday: the NFAC group and the Three Percenters. Del Ramey of Forward Kentucky was on the ground and captured these photos.