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Two “Bridge the Gap for Healthcare” Events Planned

Multiple groups across Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana are planning symbolic rallies on bridges over the Ohio River to stand against the GOP healthcare bill.

Political Action This Week in Kentucky (UPDATED)

With Congress home on recess, there's a LOT of political action happening this week! Here's your list, by date, with the details and contact info we have.

Trumpcare Sit-Ins Planned for Thursday

Inspired by last week's sit-in in Denver, nine organizations are planning sit-ins at Senate offices across the country, including at least four in Kentucky.

Trumpcare Update – Tuesday 6/27

Trumpcare continues to make lots of news, and have lots of details, so this is for those who just want a quick summary as of Tuesday morning, June 27.

Trumpcare Protest Held Outside McConnell Office in NKY

Demonstrators lined the sidewalk outside Senator McConnell's office in northern Kentucky today, protesting his support of the Republican health care bill.

MOKP: Reverend Joe Phelps

Robert sits down with Rev. Joe Phelps to talk about the recent sequence of events between Governor Bevin and members of the clergy group EmpowerWest.

Betsy DeVos Is Determined – and Getting Better at It

I watched Betsy DeVos testify last week before a Senate subcommittee. She's getting better – and we have to get better as well.

MOKP: Representative McKenzie Cantrell

In this episode of My Old Kentucky Podcast, Jazmin and Robert talk with Representative McKenzie Cantrell about running for office and her first term.

MOKP: Juvenile Justice, plus Governor Bevin’s Sermon at Western Middle

In this "My Old Kentucky Podcast," Jazmin and Yvette DeLaGuardia talk about juvenile justice issues and Gov. Bevin's meeting in the West End of Louisville.

The Politicization of Everything

Bob Lewis is sick to death of the politicization of everything. But more importantly, he exposes the worst kind of politicization.

Attica Scott’s Strong Words on HB151

In a recent hearing on HB151, Rep. Attica Scott gave testimony that was strong and true. We thought it important that those words be heard by you as well.

I Miss My Dad’s Brand of Republican

I miss my Dad's brand of Republican. Dad was a dyed-in-the-wool boot-strap Republican. But his brand of Republicanism was much different than today's.

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