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My Old Kentucky Podcast
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith began hosting My Old Kentucky Podcast in the fall of 2016, and have since released over 100 episodes. The show details politics and government in the commonwealth of Kentucky. In summer of 2017, MOKP grew to include a weekly newsletter. Robert and Jazmin are both progressive people, but they strives to give an even handed treatment to all issues. MOKP typically includes a guest appearance, and several of the most important figures in Kentucky have appeared on the show or written for the newsletter.

MOKP — COVID-19 court cases and other updates

This week, Jazmin runs down Daniel Cameron's lawsuit against Andy Beshear's COVID-19 restrictions and the religious arguments he has been making. Plus, criminal justice quick hits, and talk about some pieces of journalism they've been reading lately.

New COVID-19 restrictions and SCOKY case, new KDP chair, and Rep....

This week, we discuss new COVID restrictions by Gov. Beshear, and the SCOKY case. Also, we discussed Colmon Elridge becoming KDP chair – the first Black person to hold that title. The interview is with Rep. Buddy Wheatley.

What Daniel Cameron has been up to, plus Rep. Nima Kulkarni...

On this week's show, Jazmin takes a look at actions taken by the AG that don't have to do with Breonna Taylor, and Robert does a COVID-19 update. The interview is with Rep. Nima Kulkarni from Louisville.

Election Day 2020: A rough one for Democrats

This week Robert and Jazmin talk through the collapse of legislative Democrats outside of Louisville, Lexington, Northern Kentucky, Bowling Green, and Southeast Kentucky. We discussed what happened, who is to blame, and what to do next.

Grand jurors speak, COVID keeps getting worse, and Rep. Rob Wiederstein...

Robert explained how much worse COVID-19 is getting across the state, and he eulogized his grandfather by remembering his time spent in Ashland with his grandparents when he was young.

MOKP – Keturah Herron and Kevin Glogower, plus grand jury tapes...

This week Jazmin and Robert speak with two really great guests: Keturah Herron of the ACLU, and Attorney Kevin Glogower (who is representing a member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury in a lawsuit).

Grand jury updates and fallout, plus interview with Alexandra Owensby

Jazmin and Robert reunite for their first show in 5 weeks and discuss everything that's happened in the Breonna Taylor case since last week. Then, an interview with Alexandra Owensby, the Democrat running in Kentucky's 4th U.S. Congressional District.

Grand jury returns only one indictment + interview with author Guthrie...

This week – the single indictment in the Breonna Taylor case; the Fischer no-confidence vote; and the death of RBG. Plus, an interview w/ Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons on his new book about progressive Christianity.

Courtney Preston Kellner and Carmen Jones on protesting and the legal...

Also – the Governor's plan for school districts as they start to open, and the settlement reached between Breonna Taylor's family and the city of Louisville.

LMPD leadership change, Derby protests, and interview with Daren Neel

Jazmin welcomes attorneys E.A. Duncan and Daren Neel to talk about family courts and Daren’s run for judge. Also: this week’s COVID-19 news, Derby protests, a change in LMPD leadership, and a possible update in the Breonna Taylor investigation.

Bankruptcy law with Ally Holt, COVID-19, and lots of new info...

This week, local attorney Ally Holt joins Jazmin to talk bankruptcy law and courts; plus, new childcare regs, new information in the Breonna Taylor case, and a new lawsuit filed by Kenneth Walker.

COVID and sports, voting in 2020, Cameron v. McGrath, BreonnaCon, and...

This week, attorney Yvette DeLaGuardia joins Jazmin as Robert is away on paternity leave! They spoke about appellate courts, jury trials in pandemic times, and police brutality. PLUS, all the topics in the headline!
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