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Paul Wesslund retired in 2015 after 20 years as editor of Kentucky Living magazine, and is now a freelance writer focusing on energy issues, doing business as Highway 61 Communications, LLC.
Paula Setser-Kissick, candidate for KY Senate (photo courtesy of the candidate)

The teacher-candidate who asked, “If not me, then who?”

Paula Setser-Kissick, frustrated with the legislature, was even more frustrated when no one stepped up to run in her district. Then she said, "Why not me?"
Carolyn Dupont (photo courtesy of the candidate)

Carolyn Dupont and the antidote to groupthink in the legislature

Carolyn Dupont on what we need: “I teach American history, and I’m a big believer that what moves us forward in history are the actions of ordinary people.”

Eye doc can see clearly: Net metering bill is a bad...

The guy installing solar panels on Dr. Larry Tenkmen’s roof told him about a bill in the legislature that would make it harder for homeowners to afford adding solar energy to their house. “First I just tried to make sense of it,” says Tenkman. “Why in God’s name would anyone do that? It’s crazy.”

NO, net metering is not “anti-coal”

The biggest slice of baloney in the debate over net metering is that it's hurting coal, and that the Kentucky Legislature’s bill to kill net-metering is somehow pro-coal.

The false choices in the Legislature’s anti-solar energy bill

Rep. Gooch got it wrong in two ways Wednesday when he pitted low-income people against owners of home solar panels: (1) He followed the partisan playbook of turning every issue into good vs. evil. (2) The plan he’s advocating could turn Kentucky into an energy backwater.

Solar energy meets the Kentucky legislature

About 100 solar energy advocates and electric utility representatives clashed in a Frankfort hearing room Wednesday over one of the hottest flashpoints in today’s national energy debate—the future of solar power. House Bill 227 would reduce the rate that utilities pay to home solar panel owners by about two-thirds.

Did environmental rules kill mining? For coal country, that’s yesterday’s debate

People in coal country aren’t waiting around for their mining jobs to return, say researchers who met with focus groups in Appalachian coal communities.

Ending sexual harassment is easy: Respect Women

The sexual harassment accusations sweeping the country have one thing in common—they all happened in the workplace. Here is the solution.

Pruitt’s Deceitful Repeal of the “War on Coal”

Scott Pruitt came to Kentucky to declare the end of the "war on coal." But the WoC isn’t over because it never started, and Pruitt knows that.

Trump DOE Releases Reality-Based Electric Grid Study

The DOE just released a study of the nation’s electric grid that is in-depth, mostly even-handed, and contains a wealth of data & reasoned recommendations.

Steve Beshear Sees a Bridge Over the Political Divide

In this interview with Steve Beshear, the former governor talks about issues, partisanship, and his book, “People Over Politics."

Panel Examines Problem of Fake News

In a world of low-class rhetoric and swarms of "fake news," about 85 cooler heads met Sunday evening to try to make some sense of today’s media landscape.

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