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Robert Kahne is a graduate of the University of Kentucky’s Martin School for Public Policy. He works as a data scientist in Louisville, where he lives with his wife Kelsey, his dog Gertie, and his cat Cookie. In addition to hosting My Old Kentucky Podcast, Robert serves on the board of Highlands Community Ministries, volunteers with the Civic Data Alliance, and attends Highland Baptist Church.
Map of Kentucky broken into urban, suburban, and rural types (by Robert Kahne)

The rural-urban divide in Kentucky, analyzed

You've been hearing about the growing rural-urban divide in Kentucky politics, but Robert Kahne can SHOW it to you. How can KY Dems overcome it?
House vote by county (graph by Robert Kahne)

Dem maps change for the worse across the state

Dems drew the House districts in the last redistricting, but those district maps have gone from favoring Dems to favoring Repubs. Why?

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