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The State of Kentucky is the live-streamed video show from Forward Kentucky. With publisher Bruce Maples as the host, it streams live to Facebook and YouTube on Fridays at noon, and features interviews, analysis, explainers, and commentary. You can watch the recorded show later on both outlets, as well as on the Forward Kentucky site, or you can subscribe to the podcast on most podcast providers.

Attack, Impeachment – Now What?

It's been a traumatic and historic time in our history. We talk with Cong. John Yarmuth and Prof. Josh Douglas about the attack on the Capitol, the vote to impeach, the strains on our democracy, and what comes next.

TSOK: Let’s talk about “Beyond Breonna”

We talk with the journalists from the Courier-Journal who created the series "Beyond Breonna," which looks at systemic racism in Louisville. This is a critical topic, not only for Louisville but for our state.

Can Trump still steal the election? And why are Repubs still...

The Electoral College has voted, and it's over, right? Then what's up with Congress counting votes on January 6? Could Trump still steal it then? Join us as we talk with lawyer and analyst Teri Kanefield about that date, as well as why Republicans are still supporting Trump.

TSOK – Conspiracy Theories and Our Society

Do you feel like we are swimming in conspiracy theories, on both sides of the aisle? Why are they happening? Join Dr. Jan Hillard as we discuss his insights on conspiracy theories, the election, and our society.

This week’s TSOK — Let’s talk with the new KDP chair

The KY Democratic Party has a new chair! On this week's The State of Kentucky, we got to interview Colmon Elridge, and learn more about his goals and plans for the KDP.

This week on The State of Kentucky: “What now, Kentucky...

Election 2020 was not a good cycle for Kentucky Democrats, to say the least. On this week's The State of Kentucky, we talk with...

Election preview: Upsets & predictions

The election wraps up in a few days, with some expected winners and some upsets. Which seats will flip? What will be the biggest surprise? Join us on The State of Kentucky as we break down the election with Trent Garrison, and see if you agree with our predictions!

The JCPS Tax Increase

Here we are, less than two weeks till Election Day, and in Louisville there is a ballot initiative to stop a school tax increase. Join us for a discussion with Gay Adelmann and Denita Wright about all things JCPS Tax Increase.

TSOK – An interview with Amy McGrath

Is this the year we FINALLY Ditch Mitch? Join us for a conversation with Amy McGrath, as we talk about her campaign, her strategy, and what she is seeing as she flies (literally) around the state.

Mandee McKelvey of “The Mitch Show”

There's a new online comedy show, with Mitch McConnell as the host! Join us as we talk with Mandee McKelvey, an actress on "The Mitch Show" who plays both Kayleigh McEnany and Amy McGrath.

The new executive director of EmergeKY, Gretchen Hunt

Gretchen Hunt has had a distinguished career in public service. Now she takes the reins of the premier political training for women. What are her goals? What does she see for 2020 and beyond? Find out on this episode!

From the Hood to the Holler – an interview with Rep....

We talk with Rep. Booker about the campaign, about "From the Hood to the Holler," the organization he has formed, and if he's going to run for office again.
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