BGAA plans Trump protest on Saturday (updated)


The Bluegrass Activist Alliance (BGAA) is planning a protest this Saturday outside the Trump rally in Richmond.

President Trump’s rally for Andy Barr will be at Eastern Kentucky University in the Alumni Coliseum at 641 Eastern Bypass. The BGAA protest will be 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, on both sides of the EKU Bypass, in front of the Coliseum, so as to be visible as people are entering.

The BGAA group is collaborating with the Madison County Democratic Party, as well as several student groups from EKU. (see update below) All groups have emphasized that this is to be a peaceful and orderly protest, especially since certain Republican leaders have referred to protestors as “frenzied mobs.”

To sign up for the rally, as well as get the latest details, visit the event’s Facebook page.

UPDATE 1: There is also a student-led event. (We’re not sure if it is part of the BGAA event, or its own event.) More information is here on Facebook.

UPDATE 2: We were contacted by someone from the Madison County Democratic Party to note that the local party is not officially part of this protest. Here is the statement from their Facebook page:

Official statement of Madison County Democratic Party:

It is a historic event for Madison County to host the President of the United States. This visit demonstrates the importance of our citizens’ voices and is a great opportunity for our community to shine.

While many may disagree with various political events and policy, civility and respect should be paramount to all parties. The Madison County Democratic Party does not organize protests; however, we do recognize an individual’s Constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest.

Many from Madison County, surrounding areas and beyond will be in town to make their voices heard. We encourage a show of respect from all who come out for this event, in order to promote substantive political dialogue rather than partisan name calling.

Madison County’s importance in regional, state and national politics has never been more evident. We encourage everyone to educate themselves on party and candidate platforms. Make your voice heard by voting on November 6th.

Tyler S. Frazier
Madison County Democratic Party Chair


  • Let’s not stoop to Trump tactics. He would love for us to come across as a bunch of raging lunatics. I prefer the cold shoulder approach with signs that reflect his inability to tell the truth, his sexist and racist attitudes, and Barr’s record as a complete yes man with no original ideas to help our state. In other words, just keep it real. Barr can’t carry Amy’s lunch box, let alone fly her plane.