The Forward Kentucky Bill Trackers

Use the bill trackers below to keep up with legislation. The trackers are automatically updated every night. The tabs reflect the progress of legislation through the process: all bills and resolutions, those assigned to a committee in their originating chamber, and those passed in one house and “crossed over” to the other. Clicking the bill number will take you to the BillTracker site. Click the column header to sort; drag the column header to the grouping row at the top to group; use the button at the side of the column name to filter.

We also list the key legislation that progressive groups across the state are tracking. By listing everyone’s key legislation in one place, we hope that organizations across the state will help support each other’s bills.

A special thanks to the staff at the Kentucky Equal Justice Center, who did the short summaries of the bills and the topics. You can help support their work by donatingAnd if you find this to be helpful, please consider supporting our work by becoming a member. Thanks!