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Edelen and Jones: “Same Old Stuff” Won’t Work

In an interview with Forward Kentucky, Adam Edelen and Matt Jones of the New Kentucky Project say that for Dems, the "same old stuff" just won't cut it.

Matt Jones, Their “One Liberal Friend”

Matt Jones jokes that more than a few of his sports radio show fans consider him “their one liberal friend.” That background has informed his work on NKP.

Two Kinds of Pork at Fancy Farm

In his latest cartoon, Aaron Smith points out the two kinds of "pork" that got handed out at Fancy Farm this year.

KY Electeds on Charlottesville – Generic, Specific, or Radio Silence?

Kentuckians - here are the statements from your Federal or statewide officials on the tragedy of Charlottesville. See what they had to say ... or not say.

“Stronger Together” – A Message from a Veteran

Here is the statement of Ron Leach, a retired veteran, on today's events, and on our need to come together as a nation, because we are Stronger Together.

Kentucky Has 23 Hate Groups

Hate groups are not just "somewhere else" but also among us here in Kentucky. Here is the list of 23 hate groups as named by the SPLC in their "hate map."

Steve Beshear Sees a Bridge Over the Political Divide

In this interview with Steve Beshear, the former governor talks about issues, partisanship, and his book, “People Over Politics."

New Kentucky Project Continues Tour

The New Kentucky Project is touring the state, holding local sessions where citizens can learn more about NKP. Here's the remaining schedule.

Grassroots Groups To Hold Counter-Rally in NKY

Grassroots groups will hold a "People's Town Hall" rally outside a Tea Party fundraiser to call attention to the lack of town halls held by Republicans.

Fancy Farm 2017: Observations from the Crowd

Fancy Farm 2017 was smaller than usual, but still just as colorful. Berry Craig attended this year's picnic, and talked with a number of attendees.

Yarmuth Cheered in Deep Red Western Kentucky

Congressman John Yarmuth brought an unabashedly liberal message to arguably the most conservative corner of the Bluegrass State, and his listeners loved it.

Fancy Farm 2017 in Pictures

Berry Craig attended this year's Fancy Farm picnic, and took a number of pictures which he shared with us. Here is a gallery of Fancy Farm in pictures.

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