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MLK: ‘Our needs are identical with labor’s needs’

On this Martin Luther King Day, Berry Craig reminds us of the connections between civil rights and the labor movement ... including their opponents.

Rally to #CallTheVote and #StopTheShutdown

A rally is planned in Lexington on Wednesday outside Sen. McConnell's office to demand he call a vote in the Senate on funding the government.

Covington Catholic: Expulsion is the wrong answer

I want to expand on a short Twitter thread I put up last night, about Covington Catholic expelling the students in the viral videos.
Screen capture from Twitter video

Shameful behavior by Kentucky students – and their adults

You've seen the videos of the KY students taunting the Native American elder. That's shameful enough – but where are the adults?
Screen capture from Twitter video

SOS Grimes calls on Covington Catholic to denounce students’ behavior

SOS Alison Grimes has released a statement regarding viral videos apparently showing Covington Catholic students taunting Native Americans.

Kentucky congressman: If Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress, it’s ‘impeachable’

Rep. John Yarmuth joined other Democrats in expressing deep concern about allegations claiming President Trump ordered his Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.
(photo by Africa Studio via Shutterstock)

Bill filed to reverse non-profit sales tax

A bill recently filed in the Kentucky House of Representatives, House Bill 28, would reverse the sales tax on non-profit and charitable organizations.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

KYGA19 Session Update – school safety, Senate progress, Franklin Circuit Court changes, & more!

In this week's "My Old Kentucky Podcast," Jazmin and Robert tackle the first week of the KYGA19 session, including the five bills already passed.

Bevin’s PSC out to strip poor of voice in utility rate cases

Matt Bevin’s Public Service Commission is fighting to exclude advocates for the poor from decisions about rates for heat, light, and water. Why?
Representative Jim Glenn at his desk in the House chambers after being sworn in (photo via Anna Whites)

Glenn lawyer argues for dismissal in election challenge

In a filing on Thursday, the lawyer for Rep. Jim Glenn presented five arguments for either deciding in Glenn's favor or dismissing the case entirely.

Republican lawmaker and candidate for governor denies sexual assault allegations

Rep. Robert Goforth, a Republican candidate for governor, denied accusations of sexual assault made by a woman with whom he had a relationship a decade ago.

Guthrie believes deal possible on shutdown

Congressman Brett Guthrie believes the Trump administration and the Democrat-controlled House could end the shutdown by giving both sides what they want.

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