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Herb Pritchett Has a Message for Dems

Dem activist Herb Pritchett doesn’t mince words about his party’s predicament. “We're not going to win just by being against Trump and against Bevin."

A Female Pastor Posts a “Me Too”

Women everywhere are posting their "me too" stories, including from a source one would not immediately expect: a female pastor. Here is her post.

My Initial Thoughts on the Repub Pension Plan

I watched the press conference this morning, and took down the ten points as they were shared. Here are my initial thoughts.

The 10 Points of the Pension Framework, plus Details and Reactions

This morning at 9 AM, Gov Bevin and Republican leaders of the Kentucky Senate and House unveiled a ten-point framework of their proposed pension solution.

Kentuckians stand in solidarity with striking Mexican farmworkers

About 20 union members and union allies converged on a rural Garrard County tobacco farm Sunday to back seven striking Mexican migrant workers.

Have Democrats Lost Kentucky Permanently?

Not since the heyday of Henry Clay and the Whigs have Kentucky Democrats been in such dire straits. But is the Republican takeover permanent?

Dan Johnson’s Priorities

In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, state Rep. Dan Johnson has made his priorities pretty clear. Aaron Smith lays it out in his latest cartoon.

Pruitt’s Deceitful Repeal of the “War on Coal”

Scott Pruitt came to Kentucky to declare the end of the "war on coal." But the WoC isn’t over because it never started, and Pruitt knows that.

State House Rep Proposes Total Abortion Ban

A KY state rep just pre-filed legislation that would not only outlaw all forms of abortion, but could also make miscarriage a felony offense.

Ron Leach Answers the DCCC

He got another fund-raising letter, but this time, he wrote back. "You do not care what we think. You only see us as the DCCC's personal ATM."

Guns: A Change in Perspective

A few years ago, I found the body of my abusive ex-boyfriend outside my apartment, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot. That day changed my life and my heart.

New Repub Strategy Revealed: Kill Healthcare via “Synthetic Repeal”

Republicans in Washing couldn't kill Obamacare directly, so they are trying a different strategy: "synthetic repeal." Andy Slavitt has the scoop.

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