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Louisville Outscores Rest of KY AND Peers in LGBT Rights

Human Rights Commission released their report on LGBT rights in U.S. cities, and Louisville got a perfect score! Read on for scores and comparisons!

Backgrounder: Progressive vs Liberal

Are you a progressive? Or a liberal? What’s the difference, anyway? And if libertarians usually vote for Republicans, why do they agree with Democrats on...
HBC Crosses on Lawn

Louisville’s Own “San Bernardino” Year

Look at this picture. This is the church I attend. Every year on the second Sunday in Advent, we hammer crosses into the lawn in...

Gun Violence: We Need Better Gun Laws, But That’s Not All

The United States has a problem with gun violence, and we need to deal with it. But how? The answer is plain, and two-fold: We need better gun laws ... AND, we need to deal with the rest of the problem as well. What is that "rest of the problem"? Read on.

Why Are Our Car Insurance Rates Discriminatory?

Car insurance rates seem fairly simple: If you are a bad driver, or you drive in heavy traffic, you will probably pay more due to...


GLI recently unveiled their 2016 Legislative Agenda. We're going to have some future articles about the agenda, both what we support and what we oppose....

Immigrants: Mayor Gets It Right

Amidst all the fearful, hateful, and xenophobic comments about refugees and immigrants spread around the country in the past week, it is refreshing to...

A Rude Unhinging – a Body Politic in Shock

(This article was originally posted on Jim Pence's Hillbilly Report, and reposted here with permission of the author. While we don't agree with every...

Leave Bevin’s Kids Out of It

Earlier today, Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader posted a cartoon making fun of Gov-Elect Bevin's response to Syrian refugees. The cartoon used Bevin's...

Paper Leaf Bags Are Only Sensible Answer

Do you ever read a headline and say to yourself "I thought that was settled. Why would we even consider going back?" That was...

We Need More Unions — Here’s Why

Now that the Right has taken the governorship, one of the key battles in Frankfort is going to be unions -- or more specifically, killing off unions. With union membership declining across the country, regressives and their corporate partners see this as an opportune time to rid themselves of organized workers. In the face of this coming battle, here is my clear and strong response: We don't need less unions, and we don't need less union members. We need more and better unions -- and business people and millenials agree with me.

Our Minimum Wage Is Still Too Low

2,000. That's the number you need to remember. Why? Because it's the number of hours in a year's worth of work: 40 hours a week times 50 weeks. (Got to have some time off, amirite?) And why is that helpful? Because it's easy-peasy to multiply or divide. Let's try it -- Minimum wage of $7.75 an hour X 2000 hours == $15,500 a year, before taxes. Look at that number. If that leaves you speechless, good -- it should. Because it's an outrageous, immoral number.

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