BREAKING: Bevin to veto both budget and revenue bills


In a press conference held today, Governor Bevin said he would veto both the budget bill (HB 200) and the revenue bill (HB 366). He did not indicate that he would veto the pension bill, although he did say it was inadequate.

The governor pointed out that the process was rushed, and that when the two bills were analyzed further, they did not deliver a balanced budget, as required by law.

He spent some time discussing the large pension deficit, and noted that the pension bill did nothing to take care of the existing deficit.

He also said that companies considering investing in the state had contacted his office with concerns about the tax bill. He did not say what those concerns were, however.

He was asked at the end of the press conference what he did not like about the tax bill, but he did not answer with specifics.

The General Assembly meets on Friday and Saturday, when they can vote to override the governor’s veto if they choose.

The governor also took shots at both the protesters that had flooded the Capitol in recent days, and specifically called out KEA for being “a problem.”