Public domain by Allentown Red Sox Baseball Club via Wikimedia Commons

“Getchur program! Getchur program right here!”

It’s the closing days of KYGA18, and even though everyone is focused on the budget and revenue bills, there are many other bills that could appear at the last minute, and even be passed and signed into law.

Here’s a program for you to use to keep track of the key bills that could come up this weekend. Political geeks refer to bills by number, so that’s how these are organized.

Also, please read the note at the bottom. This list was compiled by a hard-working volunteer in a volunteer organization, and that person listed the Support and Oppose as they saw them. These are not official positions of Forward Kentucky, although we agree with most (or even all) of them. But in any event, the list will come in handy. Print it out and fold it so you can carry it with you in your pocket or purse.

KYGA18 Bills to Watch