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Groups plan “KY Moving Party” to help incumbents move out

Activist groups are planning a "KY Moving Party" this Saturday, to symbolize helping legislators "with their packing and moving on November 6, 2018."

Sign Up for the “Mueller Firing Rapid Response”

If President Trump fires Robert Mueller, we must be ready to make our voices heard. Join us in signing up for the "Mueller Firing Rapid Response" initiative.
Ben Self, chair of KDP (photo by Berry Craig)

Sign the KDP petition calling on GOP to seat Glenn in KY House

The KY Democratic Party has started a petition calling on the House GOP to seat Jim Glenn when the General Assembly convenes in January. Sign it here!

Rally to end the shutdown set for Thursday afternoon

Members of local unions are teaming up to host a Thursday afternoon rally in Louisville highlighting the hardships the government shutdown is causing.
(drawing by Tkgd2007 [GPL] via Wikimedia Commons)

KDP petition to “gavel out” – plus Self and Adkins reactions

The KY Democratic Party is circulating a petition calling on Kentuckians to tell their legislators to adjourn the special session of the General Assembly.

“Families Belong Together” rallies planned across Kentucky

MoveOn.org and other groups are sponsoring "Families Belong Together" rallies across the United States, and Kentucky has at least three rallies scheduled.
Canvassing (photo by Iakov Filimonov via

Seven ways to do GOTV this weekend – including from your couch!

OK, folks, the election is Tuesday, so it's time to Get Out The Vote! Here are 7 ways you can do GOTV this weekend, including one from your couch. (Really!)

Now FIVE rallies Sat for #FamiliesBelongTogether

The outrage over the Trump policy of separating children from parents keeps growing, and now the #FamiliesBelongTogether protest rallies in Kentucky are growing too.

Angry about govt? Here’s two things you can do.

If you are fed up with what's happening in Frankfort or Washington, don't just sit and stew – take action! Here are two things that EVERYONE can do.

Here’s your pension votes and their challengers

Here are the Republicans who voted for and against the pension bill last night, from both houses. Also, here are their opponents in the fall, so you know which supporters of the pension bill have opposition.

Voter Intimidation: Know Your Rights!

Usually, we wouldn't need to talk about voter intimidation. This year, thought, it's critical for voters to know what to do if they face it.

Trumpcare: Eight Ways to Take Action

If there was ever a time for everyday citizens to rise up and fight back, THIS is that time. Here is a checklist of ways you can take action on Trumpcare.

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