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We are so fortunate to have our own editorial cartoonist, Aaron Smith. In this category you’ll find all of Aaron’s work for Forward Kentucky, plus the occasional cartoon from other artists. If you’ve got feedback on one of Aaron’s cartoons, either leave a comment at the bottom of the post, or send feedback using our feedback form.

The New KY State Flag

Governor Bevin thought the KY state flag could use some updating, to match his other updates in Frankfort. Aaron Smith captured the finished product.

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After the Orlando shooting, Aaron came up with this drawing that really captures the grief and the solidarity that many of us felt with the people of Orlando. We wound up turning this into a print and

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Bevin’s Wall

Donald Trump has famously proposed building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Not to be outdone, our own Governor Bevin is ALSO working on a wall. Aaron Smith gives us the details …

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Dr. Republican’s Monster

Republican leadership has spent the past thirty years creating a monster of a movement based on hate and fear, and just like Dr. Frankenstein, they now get to see what their movement looks like when it

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