KY Health: Whose Fault Is It?

Eight counties in Kentucky have seen the biggest decline in life expectancy in the country. Whose fault is that? Aaron Smith gives us the answer.

Bevin to Trump: The Secret Connection

We recently learned that "microwaves can spy on people." Aaron Smith shows us another use that President Trump and our own Matt Bevin have figured out.

The Mitch McConnell Escape Kit

Aaron Smith dreams up a new product to help raise funds for ForwardKY. We think we know a certain Senator who may want a rush order!

Choice in Kentucky

As Governor Bevin noted, choice is so American. But maybe not for all Americans ...

“Religious Freedom” Comes to Bethlehem

If certain Kentucky legislators ran the city of Bethlehem ...  
Rand Paul's nightmare

Rand Paul’s Halloween Scare

As we get closer to Halloween, there is one thing in Rand Paul's world that is scarier than anything else: a debate with Jim Gray.

The New KY State Flag

Governor Bevin thought the KY state flag could use some updating, to match his other updates in Frankfort. Aaron Smith captured the finished product.

Bevin-Beshear Cartoon: Got No Strings

Governor Bevin enjoyed being the puppet master, until AG Beshear decided the show had gone on long enough. A new Bevin-Beshear cartoon from Aaron...


Aaron Smith gives us a classic drawing, honoring the victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting, and stating that we stand with them. #WeAreOrlando

Bevin’s Wall

Donald Trump has famously proposed building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Not to be outdone, our own Governor Bevin is ALSO working...

Dr. Republican’s Monster

Republican leadership has spent the past thirty years creating a monster of a movement based on hate and fear, and just like Dr. Frankenstein,...

If SB4 Were About Something Else

SB4 puts more restrictions on a woman's right to choose. What if it were about something else?

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