Today Is Net Neutrality Day – Do YOU Get Why It Matters?

Wednesday, July 12, is "Save Net Neutrality" Day across the internet. Do YOU understand why that is important? If not, here's Katie Couric to tell you.

Trumpcare Bait-and-Switch from Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes of MSNBC put up a short but important thread today about the ACA (Obamacare) vs the AHCA (Trumpcare). Here it is, collated into bullets:

Trumpcare Mothership: Start Here

In order to cover the Trumpcare bill and its possible effects, we have created this parent article (the Trumpcare Mothership). Start here for our coverage!

Andy Slavitt on Trumpcare via Twitter

Andy Slavitt is a healthcare policy analyst. Today he did two Twitter threads on the Senate Trumpcare bill, which we collated. Read, then make those calls!

Andy Slavitt on Senate Trumpcare, Thread #3

More excellent analysis of the Senate Trumpcare bill from Andy Slavitt, healthcare policy analyst and former healthcare official in the Obama admin.

Senate Trumpcare: Winners and Losers

The Senate Trumpcare bill dropped today. What follows is a quick summary of the losers and winners in the bill, along with why.

Trumpcare: Will McConnell Pull This Sleazy Trick?

The Senate version of Trumpcare is being written in secret by Repubs. As if that wasn't bad enough, there are rumors of a trick that McConnell is planning.

Branden Klayko – A Small Tribute

This is a small tribute to a person I never met in real life, taken from us much too soon, whose family I now mourn for. That person is Branden Klayko.

Betsy DeVos Is Determined – and Getting Better at It

I watched Betsy DeVos testify last week before a Senate subcommittee. She's getting better – and we have to get better as well.

Vive La France! Jamais Marine! (Viva Comey?)

By influencing the U.S. election such that Trump won, did Comey also influence the Le Pen and other European elections – in the opposite direction?

FBI Director Garland?

Merrick Garland as the new FBI director is not likely, but the suggestion is interesting (and troubling) for a number of reasons.

Matt Bevin and Donald Trump: A Troubling Comparison

It is obvious to even casual observers that Donald Trump and Matt Bevin have much in common. While we joke about the Twitter addiction,...