Editorial: On Republicans and Guns

In this video editorial, publisher Bruce Maples shows how Republican lawmakers are owned by the gun lobby, which keeps us from dealing with the flood of guns contributing to the gun violence problem in the U.S. It's time to say "Enough."

Rep. Stan Lee blames mass shootings on “lack of religion in schools”

Responding to the mass shooting in Florida, Rep. Stan Lee blamed lack of religion in public schools. Pointing to students allegedly being forbidden to pray in or bring Bibles to school, Lee proclaimed, "You drove God out of the school house, what do you expect?" BUT - there are two major flaws in his argument.

Republicans on Guns: Profiles in Cowardice

Somebody should write a sequel to Profiles in Courage and call it Profiles in Cowardice. I’d fill the first chapter with members of Congress who are lackeys for the gun lobby – who line their pockets with lucre from the NRA and other pro-gun groups and reward their grubstakers by keeping gun control laws off the books.

Today’s GOP: Thoughts and Prayers

There is no chance – none – that Republicans will do anything about guns. If first-graders being murdered didn't move them, nothing will. The NRA owns Washington, Frankfort, and all other halls of government. The only thing we will hear from our GOP friends is "thoughts and prayers."

Conservatives are the Social Darwinists of today

The party of Lincoln and Liberty is no more. Social Darwinism, that malevolent and un-Lincoln ideology, rolls on in today's GOP in the name of "liberty" and "freedom." That ideology, and the politicians who espouse it, should be rejected.

In Response to the Anti-Pension Letter

(I read the attached pension letter, and had to write something in response.) Here you go, folks – the people who want to take away your pensions and throw you into the fun world of riding the stock market for your old age.

The Wages of Whiteness

Are working-class white voters shooting themselves in the foot by making common cause with a political movement that is fundamentally inimical to their economic self-interest? And if so, why? Answer: The wages of whiteness.
Rachel Maddow

The Ten Hallmarks of American Democracy

Soon after the 2016 election, Rachel Maddow listed ten hallmarks of American Democracy that make it uniquely American. If any of these are threatened or eliminated, we have lost a key part of our national character, and a key freedom that we cannot take for granted.

It took Kentucky 111 years to abolish slavery … and we still haven’t dealt...

Matt Bevin was right: we SHOULD learn from our history. So let's do just that: LEARN the REAL history behind the Jefferson Davis statue, and other statues like it. Pam Gersh lays it out clearly ... and comes to a clear conclusion.

Sexual harassment – our stories matter

I pitched my editor about writing an article about sexual abuse and harassment, because every woman I know has experienced it. When I told him about my own experiences, and he suggested I write my own personal story, I thought “Well, okay.” This, then, is my story – because our stories matter.

Republicans release some hostages, still hold thousands

On Monday, Washington Republicans released some 8.9 million Americans they had been holding hostage, but still kept 690,000 others as a bargaining chip for the future.
Bruce Maples

Dear Gov. Bevin, Repubs: Be ye doers of the word

In this excerpt from the 1/19/18 show, we jump to the State of Kentucky editorial, where Bruce Maples, publisher of Forward Kentucky, shares his thoughts on the Bevin budget and the Medicaid waiver, and challenges the Governor and Republicans to be "doers of the word."