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Republicans are trying to kill what’s left of the Voting Rights Act

In two Supreme Court cases from Arizona that will be heard on March 2, Republicans are trying to kill what remains of the VRA. And Mitch McConnell approves.

Can Biden and the Dems end the power of Repubs and white supremacists?

Ken Wolf, a history prof at Murray State, challenged me to write a column on how Biden and other Dems might “end the power of Republicans or White Supremacists." Here's my answer.

Let’s just say it — there is no bottom

I’ve stopped listening to most pundits when they get on a diatribe about reclaiming the Republican Party. Like Charlie Brown with Lucy Van Pelt and the football, how many times are you going to be fooled?
Sculptor Tommy Zegan, polishes his statue of former president Donald Trump on display at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, in Orlando, Fla. Zegan says he has to wipe finger prints off the statue every hour or so. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

A gilded Trump statue — idol, spoof, symbol, or metaphor?

A golden statue of Donald Trump showed up at CPAC this week, and one had to wonder about what it meant. Was it an idol to worship, a spoof, an appropriate symbol, or a metaphor? One thing was clear – it got absolutely slammed on social media.

House COVID relief bill is the response Kentuckians need

We call on the Senate to pass this bill quickly, before vital pandemic unemployment benefits for over 100,000 Kentuckians expire on March 14.
Map showing which states have anti-SLAPP laws

Protect journalists, activists from vindictive lawsuits

It’s one thing for government agencies to deny open records requests from the press or public. It’s quite another for those entities to file lawsuits in retaliation against the requesters.

“Mule bill” used to gut Kentucky’s open records law

Say goodbye to the open records law as we have known it for 45 years. Its fate rests in the hands of a largely hostile legislature. Its last moments are literally ticking away.

Rep. Nemes — If this is “open,” we’d hate to see closed

The House impeachment committee said that its proceedings "represented a major change” and would not be conducted “behind closed doors.” We are not convinced.

It’s Trump’s party — white supremacy, fascism, the Big Lie, and all

The Republican Party is now Donald Trump's party, which also makes it the party of the Big Lie, white supremacy, and proto-fascism.
Writing in Cyrilic with a beautiful fountain pen (photo by Petar Milošević [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Open letter on HB 84, the “pregnant inmates” bill

A personal letter can often make a real difference to your legislators who are considering a bill. Here's one real-life example of just such a letter.
Perry Boxx, the news director of WPSD Local 6. (photo via WPSD)

House Bill 273 is an obstacle to the truth

In an attempt to protect families, HB 273 actually empowers official corruption and misconduct. Public agencies will use it to hide incriminating evidence of misconduct. It is a bad bill.

A final plea to lawmakers on HB 273

HB 273 is a model of poor draftsmanship and ambiguity. It will inevitably lead to misuse, abuse, and confusion. It is the proverbial green light to public agency secrecy under the most damning circumstances. HB 273 disserves the public — including families.
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