The flag of the United States, flown upside down to signify great distress (public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

The republic can be saved, but the Republican Party cannot

At some point Never-Trump Republicans must realize: to have a principled conservative party as an alternative to the Dems, they will have to start anew.

Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward and the New York Times op-ed...

More and more people are beginning to say out loud what many people have long suspected: President Trump's mental state is dangerous.
The Supreme Court building (by Mr. Kjetil Ree; CC BY-SA 3.0 via

Senator Rand Paul – we will remember your vote on Kavanaugh

Senator Paul, this is a legacy-defining vote for you. If you vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I can guarantee – we will remember.

LRC: Wrong place for GOP power grab

The LRC, which serves as the legislature’s nonpartisan staff, is too important to become a political spoil or victim of a partisan power grab.

Matt Bevin, Paul Vitti, and unhatched fowl

Are you celebrating that Matt Bevin is running again? Well, Berry Craig is "real conflicted" about it. Let him tell you why ... and about unhatched fowl.

A settlement w/o a settlement: JCPS got played

The JCPS school board was handed a settlement without a settlement, and four of them voted to sign it anyway. The conclusion is simple: JCPS got played.

One Great Depression was enough

History is stories, and this historian tells a good story, with a surprising twist at the end. Let us hope the twist is just coincidence, and not prophecy.

What’s the first thing that teachers want? R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Better pay, keep our pensions, fund our classrooms – Check. But the first thing that teachers want is very simple: respect.
#WhyFreddy? - the question everyone should be asking.

Dear Farm Bureau: #WhyFreddy?

It's Farm Bureau Day at the fair, and like every year, we have this question: Why are do you stand against teachers, and unions, and gays? #WhyFreddy?
JCPS Takeover

What’s really behind the state takeover of JCPS?

If you haven't followed this closely, or think it's only about performance, then there/s more to understand. And, it could spread to the rest of the state.

A Confederate statue in a Union town, a nativist statue in a tolerant town...

One statue honors a town that never was, while the other honors a town we don't want to be. It's time to remove both the Castleman and Prentice statues.
IVotronic voting machine

County clerks who want to KEEP their hackable voting machines?

There's a push on to move Kentucky to paper-trail voting machines – and yet some county clerks want to keep their all-electronic machines. What?!?