Bevin Channeling Julius Caesar on Pensions

I don’t know if Matt Bevin studied Roman history. But it looks like he is using Julius Caesar’s famous strategy with his public pension-gutting bill.

Ending sexual harassment is easy: Respect Women

The sexual harassment accusations sweeping the country have one thing in common—they all happened in the workplace. Here is the solution.

Pension Bill: Governor, Show Us the Money!

The pension bill is out, and in addition to its other problems, it takes away money without replacing it. To quote a cliche, "Governor, show us the money!"

Pension Reform: The Series

Now that the pension bill is released, it's a hot topic. In order to really dig into it, we've decided to produce a series on pension reform. So start here!

Let’s Drive a Stake Through This Scary Pension Bill

Halloween Tuesday, Count Bevin is out talking up his pension bill. It's fitting, because this is one of the scariest things out of Frankfort in a long time.

Read Jeff Flake’s Floor Speech

Senator Jeff Flake used this important speech to announce his retirement and to call out both the President & his own party for failing to stand up to him.

A Female Pastor Posts a “Me Too”

Women everywhere are posting their "me too" stories, including from a source one would not immediately expect: a female pastor. Here is her post.

Ron Leach Answers the DCCC

He got another fund-raising letter, but this time, he wrote back. "You do not care what we think. You only see us as the DCCC's personal ATM."

Guns: A Change in Perspective

A few years ago, I found the body of my abusive ex-boyfriend outside my apartment, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot. That day changed my life and my heart.

Silly Season on the Education Committee

At an Education Cmte meeting, Republican members tried to make JCPS into a punching bag. But, their attacks wound up boomeranging back into their own faces.

Our Response to Bevin’s “Can’t Regulate Evil” Tweet

On Twitter, Governor Bevin responded to the Las Vegas shooting by saying you "can't regulate evil." We posted a response; here it is.

School Test Scores – One Parent’s Perspective

Gay Adelman shares a detailed critique of school testing and test scores, and how they have been misused and abused, including here in Kentucky.