School Test Scores – One Parent’s Perspective

Gay Adelman shares a detailed critique of school testing and test scores, and how they have been misused and abused, including here in Kentucky.

Murphy on GrahamCassidy: “intellectual and moral garbage truck fire”

For those not familiar with the GrahamCassidy version of Obamacare Repeal®, here's a short but informative thread from Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

The Real Jefferson Davis

Who said slavery transformed blacks “from brutal savages into docile, intelligent, and civilized laborers”? Hint: his statue is in the KY Capitol rotunda.

They’re Not Moderates, and It’s Not Tax Reform

Here's a memo to the Fourth Estate from an old reporter: “Moderates” implies middle-of-the road. And “tax reform” is a Republican frame.

Can Nonviolent Resistance Save Us? Or Do We Need Guns?

In the age of Trump, are we forced to choose between submission and armed rebellion? NO – nonviolent resistance is the best choice. Here's why.

Can We Get Over Bernie/Hillary Already?

I get that folks want to put blame somewhere for 2016. But this ongoing Bernie/Hillary rehash/bash has become a giant soul-suck. Can we get over it already?

Art, History, Honor: the Jefferson Davis Statue

As we discuss whether to move the Jefferson Davis statue out of the rotunda, we need a framework for talking about statues and their purposes. Here is one.

“Stronger Together” – A Message from a Veteran

Here is the statement of Ron Leach, a retired veteran, on today's events, and on our need to come together as a nation, because we are Stronger Together.

Steve Beshear Sees a Bridge Over the Political Divide

In this interview with Steve Beshear, the former governor talks about issues, partisanship, and his book, “People Over Politics."

Meet the GOP of Northern Ireland

Is there any political party in another democratic country as far right-wing as the Republicans are under Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell? Yes, there is.

Handy List of #TrumpRussia Retorts for Trump Defenders

A slight rewrite of the classic Art Buchwald column of suggested responses for Nixon backers during Watergate, recast for these times of Trump and Russia.

Controversial Federal Judge Nominee John Bush Confirmed

The Senate just confirmed Louisville attorney John Bush to the Federal bench, even though the nomination was controversial. Tim Peacock outlines why.