Trump: the Great Prevaricator and Panjandrum of Porky Pies

By now, everyone knows Trump lies. The problem is the brazenness and the quantity. And the flood of lies has created a dilemma for the media.
(photo by

Conservative hypocrites and the F-bomb

For today's conservative hypocrites, an F-bomb is cause for wailing and gnashing of teeth. But Trump's obscene acts? Not even noticed or commented on.
The Trump Taj Ma Wall (as imagined by DonkeyHotey [CC-BA-2.0])

A simple solution to the “border wall” impasse

While Donald Trump and Congress are engaged in a tug-of-war over his "border wall," Ivonne Rovira has a way to end the crisis AND keep the MAGA crowd happy.

It’s time to reject toxic patriotism, and choose aspirational instead

Politicians have long used "patriotism" as a cheap campaign trick. We need to reject this, and instead choose "aspirational patriotism" as our goal.
Rep. Attica Scott, the keynote speaker at the Oldham County Democrats dinner. (photo by Drew McMurtrie)

We needed Attica Scott in the race

Attica Scott is not running for governor in 2019, and I am disappointed. Here is why.
Shelby County Courthouse (photo by I.W. Marsh [CC-BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

What Shelby County remembered this November and what it largely overlooked

If you're one of the voters that helped keep Shelby County red in the recent elections, Will Barnett has some questions for you about fiscal responsibility.
Governor Matt Bevin (official photo)

Op-Ed: Legislators must address Kentucky’s pension crisis

This is an op-ed by Gov. Matt Bevin on the pensions and the recent special session, presented as information for our readers without editing or comment.
Richard Nixon during the David Frost interviews (screenshot of YouTube video)

A Nixonian decision in Frankfort

"If the President does it, that means it's legal." A famous quote by Richard Nixon, that now seems to apply to a ruling in Frankfort.
The GOP logo (public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

First a ‘sewer’ bill, now a Christmas crisis. Why can’t GOP majority govern honestly?

Why can’t Kentucky Republicans govern openly and honestly? Why must they act sneaky and underhanded? Tom Eblen explores the examples, and the reason.
The goddess Nemesis, by Alfred Rethel (public domain)

Is Bevin’s Nemesis named Adkins or Beshear?

It seems that Governor Bevin has a problem with Hubris. If that is true, then he needs to watch out for his Nemesis – who could be named Adkins or Beshear.
Pennsylvania Railroad steam locomotive (photo by Shinerunner [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

The R stands for Railroading

The Republican majority in Frankfort is railroading a bill through the legislature, an example of back-room deals and strong-arm tactics.
Hospital waiting room (photo by Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Copays are all about the waiver, and are a policy in search of a...

Starting in January, most adults covered by Medicaid will pay a copay. It’s a policy in search of a constituency, and Kentuckians deserve to know why.

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