Lose Battle Trump Quote

Janus case: We lost the battle; can we win the war?

The Janus case was a loss for working people everywhere. The question now is, Can we band together and win the war to save our democracy from the oligarchs?
Mitch McConnell and Neil Gorsuch

GOP ‘fab five’ comes through for McConnell, Trump

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the one showing Mitch McConnell about to shake hands with Neil Gorsuch should hang in every union hall.
Sarah Sanders

Letting the viper play the victim

“You made a martyr for the Lord,” he chuckled. I fear Wilkinson did likewise when she kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her restaurant.
Gavel and Books

Ruling against pension law is a win for the public’s right to know

The KY constitution requires bills to be read multiple times. Why? So that we all know what is being voted on. It's called "consent of the governed."
Trump at Liberty University

Evangelicals, progressives, Trump, and Jesus

White evangelicals say they support both family values AND Trump. They also say you can't be progressive and follow Jesus. Let's look at all of it.
Milgram Experiment

Separating children: Our national Milgram study

By separating children, we show that the Milgram study is still relevant to American society. How do we stop, how do we learn, and how do we change?
Immigrant child

What are they going to do with the children? And where are the girls?

As the Trump policy of separating children from their parents enters its third month, two questions are becoming more and more urgent:
diversity inclusive

How inclusive is our activism?

I've started looking at some of the groups I work with, or in. And, I've started asking: How inclusive is our activism, really?
Robert DeNiro at Tony awards

De Niro F-bombs were counter-productive. Here’s why.

Robert De Niro laid two F-bombs on President Trump at the Tony awards. Greg Leichty says even though they felt good, these were actually counter-productive.
Immigrant child

Child abuse becomes U.S. policy

Anyone with a shred of empathy must be sickened by what our country is doing at the border, as we tear apart families and do lasting damage to children.

Governor Bevin, Judge Shepherd, and self-handicapping

Bevin attacks the judge hearing his case? Seems dumb. But maybe he is using "self-handicapping" to keep from losing face if he loses. Neal Turpin explains.
Free press isn't free

You say you want a free press? Pay for it.

You say you want good journalism? A press that protects us from government and corporate overreach? A strong, free press? Well, then — pay for it.