The KY Chamber’s idea of diversity

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is hosting their annual Legislative Preview Conference. See if you notice anything about whom the Chamber invited to speak.
A woman, part of the caravan of Central American migrants hoping to reach the U.S. border, prays at a temporary shelter in Tijuana, Mexico. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

Asylum seekers are not breaking the law. Trump is.

Parents and children who have walked 1,000 miles to ask for asylum are not breaking US laws by crossing the border, no matter what Donald Trump says.

Mitch McConnell calls for “bipartisanship.” Wow – really, Senator?

Now that Dems have taken the House, Senator McConnell is calling for "bipartisanship." Some rejoinders: Merrick Garland. Barack Obama. The Mueller bill.
Lady Liberty crying (by bluecrayola via

Will we lose our democracy on Tuesday?

This election could be the most significant threat to our democracy since at least the Civil War, and perhaps ever. Alarmist? Read and see what YOU think.

Amy McGrath’s closing message to the voters

A letter from Amy McGrath to the voters of the 6th district, and those across Kentucky. It is values and common sense like this that we need in DC.
No 45 symbol (designed by Mike Mitchell)

The most important election of our lifetimes

Will we take a step back from the ugliness and race-baiting? Or will we affirm that we are really the intolerant people Donald Trump has made us out to be?
Choosing democracy or authoritarianism (photo by M-Sur via

Authoritarianism is on the ballot – will we stop it?

Many worry Hitler-style fascism is coming to the US. A Murray State prof says there is something else we should be worried about, especially this election.
Kentucky elected officials and others at the ALEC convention (photo from Gov. Bevin's Twitter feed)

Beware ALEC-backed legislators running for reelection in Kentucky

As you head to the polls on Tuesday, here are 15 legislators tied to ALEC who have pushed the Koch Brothers agenda. Let's be aware, and vote them out!
Photo of RPK mailer for Alice Forgy Kerr

Is the RPK using a dog-whistle in its mailers?

The Republican Party of Kentucky is using a phrase in its mailers that could be a dog-whistle: "Kentucky heritage." Is it?
Screen shot from CLF ad about Aftab Pureval

Ryan runs ugliest ads of the year; Barr campaigns with him anyway

Paul Ryan's PAC has run some of the "most inflammatory" ads of this election. Nevertheless, Andy Barr welcomed him to KY this week to campaign together.
(photo by Manop Phimsit / Shutterstock)

Four things we should do after last week

The events of the past week have been horrific. As I have reflected on them over the weekend, it seems to me that there are four things we should all do.

A “gut check time” for American democracy

Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin has had it with the narrative that both parties are equally at fault for shoving politics into the gutter.