Why are Republicans attacking your schools?

We are seeing an increase in attacks on public schools, and even on the very concept of public education. In fact, it appears that some people, mainly Republicans, want to destroy public education. Why? I believe there are three reasons.
Ted Cruz with supporters (by Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

10 takeaways from a woman who attended the Houston Trump-Cruz rally

A Daily Kos member attended the Trump-Cruz rally in Houston. Here are her top 10 impressions and takeaways from that event.

Kentucky is now Mississippi’s Mississippi

For decades, Kentucky’s unofficial motto has been “Thank God for Alabama and Mississippi!” Even when Kentucky was in the basement—ranked 48th in its public schools—we had the sweet solace that at least Alabama and Mississippi were below us. But now, it appears that Kentucky needs a new motto.

The Republican treachery on the pension bill

Tonight, in the halls of democracy, Kentucky Republicans took democracy and drowned it in a bathtub of sewage. And note I didn't say "Republican leadership" as I usually do. Every Republican in Frankfort deserves to have this pension bill travesty, this treachery, laid at their feet.

Bevin Channeling Julius Caesar on Pensions

I don’t know if Matt Bevin studied Roman history. But it looks like he is using Julius Caesar’s famous strategy with his public pension-gutting bill.

In Response to the Anti-Pension Letter

(I read the attached pension letter, and had to write something in response.) Here you go, folks – the people who want to take away your pensions and throw you into the fun world of riding the stock market for your old age.
Ky Constitution

Does Washington state’s ruling on charter schools apply to Kentucky?

Washington state ruled charter schools unconstitutional. Kentucky's Constitution has the same wording as Washington state's – do we have a case?

The white evangelical lie about Democrats

White evangelicals have long said that Christianity and being a Democrat were incompatible. They said it again in this year's midterms. Are they right?
The Dog Whistler

Jamie Comer brings his dog whistle to Fancy Farm

First District Congressman James Comer brought his dog whistle to Fancy Farm, and the Republican white folks heard it loud and clear.

Down at the Dollar Store in KY-06

One shopper overhears other shoppers talking politics in Kentucky's sixth district, and it's not what she was expecting. An on-the-ground report from KY-06!
Stock photo by Dragan Grkic via Shutterstock.com

Old white dude gets stereotyped (again)

Our own Berry Craig was stereotyped, once again. Why? Because people look at him and assume they know what he thinks and how he votes. Uhm, wrong.

A settlement w/o a settlement: JCPS got played

The JCPS school board was handed a settlement without a settlement, and four of them voted to sign it anyway. The conclusion is simple: JCPS got played.