Dear JCPS: The Principals Come First

Here’s a question for you: Can the principal be your pal, if they never come out of their office? :: I was intrigued by the comments of...

Ron Leach Answers the DCCC

He got another fund-raising letter, but this time, he wrote back. "You do not care what we think. You only see us as the DCCC's personal ATM."

This is what Republican “democracy” looks like

This is what democracy looks like when the Republicans hold the majorities in the House and Senate and the governor's office. This is Republican "democracy."

NO, net metering is not “anti-coal”

The biggest slice of baloney in the debate over net metering is that it's hurting coal, and that the Kentucky Legislature’s bill to kill net-metering is somehow pro-coal.

Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward and the New York Times op-ed...

More and more people are beginning to say out loud what many people have long suspected: President Trump's mental state is dangerous.
Ky Constitution

Does Washington state’s ruling on charter schools apply to Kentucky?

Washington state ruled charter schools unconstitutional. Kentucky's Constitution has the same wording as Washington state's – do we have a case?
Kentucky elected officials and others at the ALEC convention (photo from Gov. Bevin's Twitter feed)

Beware ALEC-backed legislators running for reelection in Kentucky

As you head to the polls on Tuesday, here are 15 legislators tied to ALEC who have pushed the Koch Brothers agenda. Let's be aware, and vote them out!

Local Pastors Nail It on Charter Schools

Two Louisville pastors have weighed in on charter schools, and they brought their truth-telling skills from the pulpit to the op-ed page.

NRA losing its grip on KY politicians

State Rep. Chris Harris, a Pike County Democrat, isn't the only Bluegrass State lawmaker bucking the NRA. At least nine Democratic candidates for the legislature in rural, conservative western Kentucky are refusing to fill out those surveys the NRA sends around every election cycle.

State Police stomp on inalienable rights of protesters at Capitol

It looked like dark days of the past: peaceful protesters nose-to-nose with police officers. But this wasn’t the 1950s or 1960s. And it wasn’t in the Deep South. It was Monday at the Kentucky state Capitol. And it was troubling.

They’re Not Moderates, and It’s Not Tax Reform

Here's a memo to the Fourth Estate from an old reporter: “Moderates” implies middle-of-the road. And “tax reform” is a Republican frame.

Pension Bill: Governor, Show Us the Money!

The pension bill is out, and in addition to its other problems, it takes away money without replacing it. To quote a cliche, "Governor, show us the money!"