#KYGA17 – One Bill Forward, Two Bills Back

Today was a day of mixed emotions at #KYGA17: On the one hand, you saw a bipartisan bill introduced that will actually make a...

Local Pastors Nail It on Charter Schools

Two Louisville pastors have weighed in on charter schools, and they brought their truth-telling skills from the pulpit to the op-ed page.

Rape, Rape Victims, and Kentucky’s Forced Ultrasound Law

"Rape: ... sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person's consent." Does Kentucky's new forced-ultrasound law fit that definition?

Governor Bevin’s Statement: Just Ego, or Something Worse?

Why did Governor Bevin feel it necessary assert his authority in his statement? Why did he feel the need to take a shot at SACS, and at judges?

On Not Attending the Inauguration

Congressman Yarmuth has joined a growing number of members of Congress who have decided to skip the upcoming inauguration. I have two thoughts about this.

A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

The breadth and scope of the Republican attack in six short days is unprecedented, and will have devastating consequences on our commonwealth.

Backgrounder: 3 Reasons UofL Is On Probation by SACS

On 12/6/16 UofL was put on probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Here are the three reasons why.

An Open Letter to Conservatives & Tea Party Folks, from an Old Grey-Haired Hippy-Lady

You have forgotten who we are and what we can do when we are roused from our propensity to be understanding, accepting, well-educated, nice.

Kentucky: Flying Backwards Down the Wrong Fast Track

Everyone likes the fast track, right? What about going BACKWARD on a fast track? Scary! Well, that's where Repubs are taking our state: backward, and fast.

Reps. Barr and Comer: Thank You

When our electeds are wrong, we call them out. When they're right, we thank them, no matter which party they're in. So, to both Andy Barr and James Comer, we say: Thank you for your principled vote last night on the ethics issue.

Medicare –> Vouchercare: Andy Barr Supports It

Turning Medicare into Vouchercare is a horrible idea. But that doesn't stop Andy Barr from saying he is ready to pass it, vouchers and all.

This Election Defines American

Every four years a chorus of pundits throughout the USA claims, “We’re in the most important election in our lifetime!” This time, I’m buying their argument.

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