My Answers to Ron Crimm’s General Assembly Survey

Rep. Crimm sent me a survey about the upcoming General Assembly. Here is the survey, along with my answers and notes. What would you have said?

Gun Violence: We Need Better Gun Laws, But That’s Not All

The United States has a problem with gun violence, and we need to deal with it. But how? The answer is plain, and two-fold: We need better gun laws ... AND, we need to deal with the rest of the problem as well. What is that "rest of the problem"? Read on.

A Rude Unhinging – a Body Politic in Shock

(This article was originally posted on Jim Pence's Hillbilly Report, and reposted here with permission of the author. While we don't agree with every...

Leave Bevin’s Kids Out of It

Earlier today, Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader posted a cartoon making fun of Gov-Elect Bevin's response to Syrian refugees. The cartoon used Bevin's...

Paper Leaf Bags Are Only Sensible Answer

Do you ever read a headline and say to yourself "I thought that was settled. Why would we even consider going back?" That was...

Dear JCPS: The Principals Come First

Here’s a question for you: Can the principal be your pal, if they never come out of their office? :: I was intrigued by the comments of...

EPA Letters, Air Quality, and Politics

As noted by WFPL back in September, Mayor Fischer refused to join other mayors in calling on the EPA to set stricter smog standards. The current standards of 75 parts-per-billion for ozone have been in place since 2008, but the EPA is under court orders to update them. The Sierra Club asked mayors across the country to sign, and 70 of them did so, including the mayors of New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. But not the mayor of Louisville.

“Economic Freedom?” Professor, Your Bias Is Showing

The September 16, 2015 guest editorial in the Courier-Journal was titled, “Economic freedom report shows U.S. lagging.” The column was written by Professor Stephan Gohmann, the director of the new John H. Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise at the University of Louisville. Knowing that the Schnatter Center also receives funding from the Koch family, I took the headline and the accompanying article with a healthy dose of skepticism. Read on to see why.

Oldham County and the Right-to-Work Lie

It's always fascinating to watch elected officials solve a real problem with a fairy-tale solution. Oldham County is the latest example of this contortion of logic. Stuck with an industrial park that is all park and no industry, leaders in the county are proposing a local so-called "Right to Work" (Right to Freeload) ordinance, saying that destroying unions and paying poverty wages is obviously the way to attract companies to the county. Let's be clear: Right to Freeload isn't about jobs. It's about greed and politics.

My (Small) Tribute to Jim King

Ever since Jim King's death, numerous tributes and retrospectives have been written and spoken. I cannot, and do not hope to, match any of...