Are Sanctuary Cities Safer? (video)

As we were researching this topic, we found this video and thought it was worth sharing as well. Are Sanctuary Cities Safer? from Olivia Crellin on Vimeo.

MKF1735 – Ryan Eller on Immigrants in Kentucky

We talk immigrants in KY w/ Ryan Eller of Define American, and we learn a LOT! Financial impact, ICE, DACA - all covered here. Listen and learn!

MKF1734 – Jason Bailey on Pensions

The PFM recommendations caused strong reactions on all sides of the pension issue. So we went to Jason Bailey of KCEP to get his calm, fact-based analysis.

MOKP: Mayor Greg Fischer

An interview with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, including the War on Louisville bills, Open Data, Charlottesville, and his relationship with Metro Council.

MOKP: Dr. William Barber, Bevin and Beshear in Court, Pension Reform, and Catch Up

This week on the show, Jazmin and Robert speak with Rev. Chris Hughes about Dr. William Barber's trip to Louisville to launch the "Poor People's Campaign."

MOKP: Erik Jarboe of the New Kentucky Project

This week, Robert sat down with Erik Jarboe of the New Kentucky Project. They talked about the first year of the organization and its plans for the future.

MOKP: Reverend Joe Phelps

Robert sits down with Rev. Joe Phelps to talk about the recent sequence of events between Governor Bevin and members of the clergy group EmpowerWest.

MOKP: Representative McKenzie Cantrell

In this episode of My Old Kentucky Podcast, Jazmin and Robert talk with Representative McKenzie Cantrell about running for office and her first term.

MOKP: Juvenile Justice, plus Governor Bevin’s Sermon at Western Middle

In this "My Old Kentucky Podcast," Jazmin and Yvette DeLaGuardia talk about juvenile justice issues and Gov. Bevin's meeting in the West End of Louisville.

MKF1721 – Drastic Medicaid Cuts for Kentucky

Draconian cuts are proposed for Medicaid, harming both our poor & the entire state. Emily Beauregard & Dustin Pugel lay out the facts on Medicaid cuts.

MKF1720 – Krystal Ball on the People’s House, the Dem Party, and Much More

Krystal Ball discusses her move to Kentucky, the People's House project, economic dislocation, and her insights into the Dem party and how to rebuild it.

MOKP: Healthcare in Kentucky

Wide-ranging healthcare discussion w/ Dustin Pugel (KCEP) & Cara Stewart (KY Equal Justice Cntr). If you care about healthcare in KY don't miss this show!