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The Bail Project – plus McConnell, Bevin, and Medicaid

An interview w/ Shameka Parrish-Wright of The Bail Project; plus McConnell holding up criminal justice reform, Bevin win in court, and the Medicaid waiver.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Gov. Bevin and zombies, Wayne Lewis & emails, major SCOKY rulings, & updates

In this week's MOKP, Robert talks about the dust-up between Gov. Bevin and the "Walking Dead" creator. Plus, Lewis emails, and KY Supreme Court rulings.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Rocky runs for gov, prefiled bills and items to watch in the next session,...

This week's show: Rocky Adkins runs for gov, prefiled bills including concealed carry and charter schools, and the Hoover lawsuit. Give it a listen!
Bruce Maples (square)

Bruce Maples, election results, and news (MOKP)

This week's show features a discussion of election results, including trends for the future. And, we welcome Bruce Maples of ForwardKY to the show!
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MOKP: Christian Motley & election preview

This week's show has Christian Motley, write-in candidate in the Lexington council race, and a preview of local and state races, with LOTS of good info!

Paul Walker, the neverending saga of Metro 21, and a pension summary

My Old Kentucky Podcast – Paul Walker, running for Congress against Jamie Comer; a timeline review of the pension crisis; and the saga of Metro 21.

“Women Rising” — new (and great!) ad

This is inspiring, motivational, and GREAT! Share it widely! Let's get everyone out to vote for these women AND for all the candidates ready to serve!
Charlotte Goddard, candidate for state House district 2

MOKP: Charlotte Goddard, WV Gov. Jim Justice’s KY tax bill, and Andy Beshear’s fundraising

In this week's podcast, we talked w/ Charlotte Goddard, H-02 candidate. There's also WV Gov Jim Justice's tax bill, and Andy Beshear's fundraising. Enjoy!
My Old Kentucky Podcast logo

MOKP: Dr. Lisa Willner, Kentucky Wired audit, abortion-transfer agreement ruling, plus more!

On this week's My Old KY Podcast: candidate Dr. Lisa Willner, the Kentucky Wired audit, the District Court's ruling on abortion transfer agreements. Enjoy!
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MOKP: Pension bill argued before SCOKY & Braidy Industries update

This week's podcast: Jazmin covers the pension hearing at the KY Supreme Court, and Robert updates us about Braidy Industries.  And, there are Quick Hits!
My Old Kentucky Podcast logo

MOKP: Morgan McGarvey & Jason Nemes on sports betting

This week's show has Morgan McGarvey & Jason Nemes for a bi-partisan chat about sports betting. Also, overcrowded jails and Four Roses strike.

THIS is why we are progressive Democrats.

Watch this video. It explains clearly what Democrats stand for, and WHO they stand for. It is both accurate and inspiring, and worth watching AND sharing.

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