Tom Fitzgerald of KY Resources Council

This week's guest is Tom Fitzgerald, director of the KY Resources Council. We cover the good & the bad of this year's session, and about whether the environment matters in our elections. And, at the end, he identifies a coming threat that we are not paying enough attention to, but that needs to be on our radar.

Ben Self, KDP Chair (MKF1806)

Our guest is Ben Self, the new chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party. He got his start helping to build that famous Howard Dean digital operation. Now he's building up the KDP in time to make a difference in 2018 and beyond. We ask Ben about the challenges, and what he sees happening in this year's elections.

MKF1734 – Jason Bailey on Pensions

The PFM recommendations caused strong reactions on all sides of the pension issue. So we went to Jason Bailey of KCEP to get his calm, fact-based analysis.

The War on Workers in Frankfort

People who make a living through working, and not stocks, have been under attack for years, even decades. It's a #WarOnWorkersKY, and it's time for us to call it what it is: an ongoing, blatant attempt to have working families make do with less and less, while the wealthy get more and more.

THIS is why we are progressive Democrats.

Watch this video. It explains clearly what Democrats stand for, and WHO they stand for. It is both accurate and inspiring, and worth watching AND sharing.

State of Kentucky: Hoover investigations, budget apocalypse, Find Funding First

Join us for the first episode of "The State of Kentucky" as we discuss the Hoover investigations, and take a look at the the so-called "budget apocalypse." And, publisher Bruce Maples has some pointed comments for the Governor and the Republicans as they ignore "Find Funding First."

Matt Wyatt on the Bevin Budget

In this excerpt from the 1/19/2018 "State of Kentucky" show, we hear from Matt Wyatt, school board chair in Elizabethtown, on his thoughts on the Bevin budget. Spoiler alert: he's not a fan. And his last statement is a key point.

“Women Rising” — new (and great!) ad

This is inspiring, motivational, and GREAT! Share it widely! Let's get everyone out to vote for these women AND for all the candidates ready to serve!
Blair Haydon, executive director of Emerge Kentucky

Blair Haydon of Emerge Kentucky

This "Moving Kentucky Forward" podcast is with Blair Haydon, director of Emerge Kentucky. We talk about all the women running, and this fall's election.

MKF1737 — Representative Jim Wayne

Jim Wayne on the 2017 GA, pensions, & tax reform, as well as Gov Bevin and the Republican majority. And, two things he would do if we gave him a magic wand!

Video F5: Bevin on gun violence, why he’s wrong, AG limited, Belcher ahead

The video version of the Forward Five for 2/16/18: Bevin on culture causing mass shootings; our response on why he's wrong; gun bills to expand gun access in schools; AG Beshear limited by House; Linda Belcher leads in fund-raising. Plus two new commentaries, and Funding February.
Rocky Adkins

Rep. Rocky Adkins (MKF1819)

We're joined this week by Rep. Rocky Adkins, the Democratic leader of the KY House. What did he think of the legislative session that just finished, including the way the Republicans ran it? What's going to happen this fall? And, we're going to ask him if he's running for governor.

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