Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Beth Thorpe, Amy McGrath for governor?, Kentucky graduation requirements, and more!

This week's show features Beth Thorpe, a digital strategist, telling us exactly what she does to help campaigns win. Plus: McGrath, grad reqs, and more!

“Women Rising” — new (and great!) ad

This is inspiring, motivational, and GREAT! Share it widely! Let's get everyone out to vote for these women AND for all the candidates ready to serve!

Podcast: Greg Stumbo on “Moving Kentucky Forward”

This week, former AG and Speaker Greg Stumbo gives us advice on how to take back the state, how to run for governor, and more. Listen here!

The War on Workers in Frankfort

People who make a living through working, and not stocks, have been under attack for years, even decades. It's a #WarOnWorkersKY, and it's time for us to call it what it is: an ongoing, blatant attempt to have working families make do with less and less, while the wealthy get more and more.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Owensboro drama, moving statues, a story about dentistry, and more!

This week's MOKP podcast includes: Jim Glenn, the Prentice statue, the $620,000 UK is paying, the "pink tax," and the Farm Bill ... plus Quick Hits!
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Perry Bacon Jr, special session/SCOKY ruling, Edelen for governor, & much more!

The latest MOKP podcast features political writer and KY native Perry Bacon from 538. Also, ALL the events from the past week. Listen right here!
How To Defeat Authoritarianism

How to defeat Authoritarianism

Here is a video that outlines the techniques of authoritarian leaders, AND shares how to defeat authoritarianism. Watch, bookmark, and share!

Bullitt County Women Candidates

We interview five Bullitt County women running on the Democratic ticket. We cover lots of ground, including lessons for the rest of the state.

MKF1706 – Amy Shir: Empowering People, Hanging w/ Al Franken

Guest Amy Shir shares about "financial empowerment," as well as sharing her own ACA story and winding up hanging out with Senator Al Franken!

MOKP: Stefanie Kingsley

This week, we have an interview with Stefanie Kingsley, the only Democratic candidate for the House seat in District 82, which encompasses all of Whitley County and part of Laurel County in southeastern Kentucky.

Editorial: On Republicans and Guns

In this video editorial, publisher Bruce Maples shows how Republican lawmakers are owned by the gun lobby, which keeps us from dealing with the flood of guns contributing to the gun violence problem in the U.S. It's time to say "Enough."

MKF1720 – Krystal Ball on the People’s House, the Dem Party, and Much More

Krystal Ball discusses her move to Kentucky, the People's House project, economic dislocation, and her insights into the Dem party and how to rebuild it.

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