Bullitt County Women Candidates

We interview five Bullitt County women running on the Democratic ticket. We cover lots of ground, including lessons for the rest of the state.
Sam Quinones, author of "Dreamland"

Sam Quinones, author of “Dreamland”

Sam Quinones, author of "Dreamland," on the causes and solutions of the opioid crisis – and a surprising answer to our closing "magic wand" question.
How To Defeat Authoritarianism

How to defeat Authoritarianism

Here is a video that outlines the techniques of authoritarian leaders, AND shares how to defeat authoritarianism. Watch, bookmark, and share!

Podcast: Greg Stumbo on “Moving Kentucky Forward”

This week, former AG and Speaker Greg Stumbo gives us advice on how to take back the state, how to run for governor, and more. Listen here!

Attorney General Andy Beshear on the MKF Podcast

Andy Beshear joins us to talk about the pension bill lawsuit, his relationship with Matt Bevin, and whether he's going to run for Governor in 2019.
Blair Haydon, executive director of Emerge Kentucky

Blair Haydon of Emerge Kentucky

This "Moving Kentucky Forward" podcast is with Blair Haydon, director of Emerge Kentucky. We talk about all the women running, and this fall's election.

Tom Fitzgerald of KY Resources Council

This week's guest is Tom Fitzgerald, director of the KY Resources Council. We cover the good & the bad of this year's session, and about whether the environment matters in our elections. And, at the end, he identifies a coming threat that we are not paying enough attention to, but that needs to be on our radar.

Mary Nishimuta and Ben Self of the KDP

We talk with Mary Nishimuta and Ben Self of the KDP about the primaries and what they mean, as well as what KDP is doing to get ready for the fall elections. We also explore running as a progressive in Kentucky, and how KDP works with other groups to move the state forward.

Brent McKim of JCTA

Brent McKim, the head of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, joins us to talk about the proposed takeover, the upcoming contract, and what he thinks of the comments and emails that have been made public in the past few weeks.
Rocky Adkins

Rep. Rocky Adkins (MKF1819)

We're joined this week by Rep. Rocky Adkins, the Democratic leader of the KY House. What did he think of the legislative session that just finished, including the way the Republicans ran it? What's going to happen this fall? And, we're going to ask him if he's running for governor.

The War on Workers in Frankfort

People who make a living through working, and not stocks, have been under attack for years, even decades. It's a #WarOnWorkersKY, and it's time for us to call it what it is: an ongoing, blatant attempt to have working families make do with less and less, while the wealthy get more and more.

Video Forward Five for 2/28/18

The video version of our Forward Five for Wednesday, 2/28/18: – Pensions AND budgets in Frankfort – KY school district votes to arm teachers – Medical marijuana gets two boosts in one week – KYGA resolution asking Feds to remove hemp from MJ definition – Republican wins special election

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