My Old Kentucky Podcast: Braidy Industries, Pikeville Event, and Quick Hits

A new podcast, My Old Kentucky Podcast! This week, co-hosts Robert and Jazmin interview Andrew Adkins about the Braidy Industries plant coming to Kentucky.

MKF1712 – Attica Scott on KYGA17

First-term Rep. Attica Scott shares her impressions of serving in Frankfort, as well as what she thinks of the bills that passed AND the bills that didn't.

MKF1709 – The Indivisible Kentucky Founders

We're joined by the co-founders of Indivisible Kentucky, telling us what it's like to lead this fast-growing group, and where they see it going.

MKF1708 – Joni Jenkins on KYGA17

We're joined this week by Rep. Joni Jenkins, who shares an update about KYGA17, and helps us understand how to have a bigger impact in Frankfort!

Video: Jane the Teacher Talks About Charter Schools

Check out our new video, as Jane the Teacher helps us understand charter schools, and then tells us about three BETTER ideas we can do for ALL our schools!

MKF1706 – Amy Shir: Empowering People, Hanging w/ Al Franken

Guest Amy Shir shares about "financial empowerment," as well as sharing her own ACA story and winding up hanging out with Senator Al Franken!

MKF1705 – Standing for Justice vs Othering; plus New Stuff on ForwardKY!

Bruce Maples talks about standing for justice w/o adding to polarization or Othering opponents. Also, events of the week & new features on Forward Kentucky.

MKF1703: Four Interviews at KCEP Conference 2017

We attended the annual conference of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, and interviewed four interesting people while there. Give it a listen!

MKF1702: Matt Wyatt on Charter Schools, plus News vs Fake News

Matt Wyatt, Elizabethtown School Board chair, on why they oppose charter schools. Also news, fake news, and propaganda, and how ForwardKY will handle them.

MKF1701: Interview with John Yarmuth

Our first interview, and who better than Congressman John Yarmuth! The Congressman shares with us the current mood in Washington, how Republicans feel about the incoming President, and some things WE can do to Move Kentucky Forward.

MKF1700: The First Episode

Our new podcast! Bruce Maples, publisher of Forward Kentucky, talks briefly about our goals for the Moving Kentucky Forward podcast, and some of the...

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