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Podcasts created by Forward Kentucky or our partners. Includes our interview show Moving Kentucky Forward and the audio-only versions of our videocast The State of Kentucky, as well as podcasts from our partner My Old Kentucky Podcast.

Mary Nishimuta and Ben Self of the KDP

We talk with Mary Nishimuta and Ben Self of the KDP about the primaries and what they mean, as well as what KDP is doing to get ready for the fall elections. We also explore running as a progressive in Kentucky, and how KDP works with other groups to move the state forward.

Brent McKim of JCTA

Brent McKim, the head of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, joins us to talk about the proposed takeover, the upcoming contract, and what he thinks of the comments and emails that have been made public in the past few weeks.
Rocky Adkins

Rep. Rocky Adkins (MKF1819)

We're joined this week by Rep. Rocky Adkins, the Democratic leader of the KY House. What did he think of the legislative session that just finished, including the way the Republicans ran it? What's going to happen this fall? And, we're going to ask him if he's running for governor.

Linda Belcher and Rebekah Witherington

This week we talk with Linda Belcher, fresh off her landslide win for state House, and Rebekah Witherington, the chair of the Bullitt County Dems: how they won, the future of the Dems in Bullitt, and the issues that resonate. We also talk about the opioid crisis, and the surprising unity around medical marijuana.

MOKP: Tina Bojanowski, pension bill, special election

Jazmin and Robert speak with Tina Bojanowski, a Democratic candidate for Kentucky House in District 32. They also talk about the special election results in KY49, where Linda Belcher defeated Rebecca Johnson.  And, they cover the new pension bill, and Gov. Bevin's lawsuit countersuit against Medicaid recipients.

MKF Podcast – Gay Adelmann

In our latest podcast, we're joined by Gay Adelmann, founder of Dear JCPS and Save Our Schools Kentucky, & a strong advocate for public education in Louisville and in Frankfort. She helped recruit many of the educators running for office this year, and that led to a new form of activism – she's now a candidate herself!

MOKP: Kelly Smith, Tort Reform Part II and Bill Update

We've got an interview with Kelly Smith, a Democrat running for House District 89 in Madison, Laurel, and Jackson counties. Jazmin updates us about Sen. Alvarado's new tort reform bills. and Robert updates us about two bills that are making their way through the legislature.

Ben Self, KDP Chair (MKF1806)

Our guest is Ben Self, the new chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party. He got his start helping to build that famous Howard Dean digital operation. Now he's building up the KDP in time to make a difference in 2018 and beyond. We ask Ben about the challenges, and what he sees happening in this year's elections.

MOKP: Denise Gray & News

Jazmin and Robert talk a bit about the primary election – the filing deadline was last week, and KREF updated the fundraising database last week as well. The second half of this show is an interview with Denise Gray, a Democratic candidate for the 28th Senate District in Clark, Fayette, and Montgomery counties.

Podcast: How Did We Get So Many Candidates?

It was a record-breaking week for Democrats in Kentucky ? more people are running for office as Dems than ever before! In this week's show,...

MOKP: Stefanie Kingsley

This week, we have an interview with Stefanie Kingsley, the only Democratic candidate for the House seat in District 82, which encompasses all of Whitley County and part of Laurel County in southeastern Kentucky.

SOK Podcast: Cross on lawsuit; Yarmuth on DACA deal; Enough Dem candidates?

In this week's State of Kentucky show, we start with a look at the drastic change to Medicaid that Governor Bevin has proposed. Then,...