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Videos produced by Forward Kentucky, including our weekly videocast The State of Kentucky. We include both the entire show, and links to segments within the show. Also included are videos from our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

2/23 update — Vaccinations begin 1C on March 1: people over 60, those with...

Kentucky's regional coronavirus vaccine sites will open March 1 to people in the 1C category, which includes essential workers, people 60 and older, and those 16 and older with certain health conditions.

2/18 update — New vaccine sites; limited visitation for assisted-living facilities

Gov. Beshear offered some good news at his last news conference of the week: 28 more coronavirus vaccination sites, and some long-term-care facilities will be able to allow visitation.

2/16 update — State to get a 29% boost in vaccine supply next week;...

Kentucky's coronavirus vaccine supply will increase by 29 percent next week, and the amount being sent through the federal pharmacy program will double, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Tuesday.

2/15 update — Child-care workers can now get vaccinated for the coronavirus

After months of feeling frustrated that they were not placed on a par with school personnel, child-care workers have been placed in Phase 1B and can move to the front of the line for their vaccination.

2/11 update — State announces more vaccination locations; health chief clarifies CDC mask guidance

MUCH news on vaccination sites (now 156 sites). Good explanation on proper masking, including double masking. Numbers continue going down, but state still a hot spot compared to other states.

2/9 update — KY to get 6% more vaccine doses next week; numbers continue...

Gov. Beshear praised Kentuckians for their efforts in thwarting the spread of the virus, announcing that case numbers and the positivity rate keep trending down, and the federal government is sending more vaccine.

2/8 update — As key metrics fall for 4th week in a row, Beshear...

For the first time in the pandemic, new cases of the novel coronavirus have dropped in Kentucky for four weeks in a row. Likewise, the state's positive-test rate has also declined for the last four weeks.

2/4 update — Four regional vaccine sites announced

Working toward the day when there is enough vaccine supply for everyone, Kentucky is opening four more high-volume vaccination sites, bringing the state's total to eight, with more in the works.

2/3 update — Coronavirus metrics largely stable, but deaths still high

As most of the metrics used to measure the coronavirus continued on a positive trend in the state, Kentuckians were encouraged to minimize their social contacts this Super Bowl weekend in order to thwart the virus.

2/1 update — Leges tell Beshear they can talk after overriding vetoes; he says...

The dispute between Democratic Gov. Beshear and the Republican-controlled General Assembly over legislators' efforts to limit his emergency powers during the pandemic is headed to court.
Graph showing deaths over time from COVID

1/28 update — 69 more COVID deaths, a record; other metrics down; four regional...

Thursday saw the most deaths reported in one day, but also saw other metrics trending downward. The bulk of the press conference, though, was taken up with news about vaccines, including new sites.

1/27 update — Numbers trending down, but Beshear says risk remains high, especially with...

New case numbers – down. Positivity rate – down. BUT, still a dangerous time requiring vigilance, because the more-contagious COVID variant is now in Kentucky.
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