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Videos produced by Forward Kentucky, including our weekly videocast The State of Kentucky. We include both the entire show, and links to segments within the show. Also included are videos from our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.


Video F5 – Special election, Bevin and Beshear lawsuits

Video Forward Five for 2/20/18 – five Kentucky politics stories you need to know today: Bullitt County special election is today; Bevin sues to bring Medicaid lawsuit back to KY; AG Beshear sues drug company for flooding KY with opioids; Repubs vote to cut workers' comp; Fischer leading recipient of SCALA donations

Video F5 for 2/19/18

The video Forward Five for Monday, 2/19/18: Bill to cut unemployment benefits; Optometrists push bill to outlaw online eye exams; Bill to move Medicaid pharmacy benefits back under state control; Bill to limit special taxing districts; And our first video editorial, on Republicans and guns

Editorial: On Republicans and Guns

In this video editorial, publisher Bruce Maples shows how Republican lawmakers are owned by the gun lobby, which keeps us from dealing with the flood of guns contributing to the gun violence problem in the U.S. It's time to say "Enough."

Video F5: Bevin on gun violence, why he’s wrong, AG limited, Belcher ahead

The video version of the Forward Five for 2/16/18: Bevin on culture causing mass shootings; our response on why he's wrong; gun bills to expand gun access in schools; AG Beshear limited by House; Linda Belcher leads in fund-raising. Plus two new commentaries, and Funding February.

Video Forward Five for 2/15/18

Included in this video: – Pension bill delayed till next week – New death penalty rules proposed – Medicaid waiver costs more to cover fewer – Liquor dealers win first round with Bevin administration – Glisson doesn't tell UofL she's running for office, after signing contract for $200,000 teaching job

Video Forward Five for 2/14/18

The video version of the Forward Five for 2/14/18: pension bill coming soon, rally in Louisville against "secret societies" and for democracy, charter schools may be delayed, KY to begin paying family members serving as foster parents, and environmental groups challenge pipeline ruling.

Video Forward Five for 2/13/18

The video version of the Forward Five for 2/13/18: net metering bill passes, pension letter doesn't move House members, Bevin says company shouldn't be forced to make gay pride teeshirts, Repub candidate is a no-show, and we need a good gas tax solution.

Experiment: a VIDEO Forward Five

So, we decided to try an experiment – we're doing a video version of the Forward Five email. The Forward Five is our M-F email blast that contains "five things you need to know today" – news stories, pending legislation, action items, and so on. We decided to try it as a video; let us know what you think!

SOK: How Did We Get So Many Candidates?

This week, we talk with Mary Nishimuta of KDP, and political activists Anna Whites and Sellus Wilder, about recruiting candidates. We also speak with Cathy Carter and Tina Bojanowski, on why THEY decided to run. And finally, Bruce Maples has a few thoughts on how this all happened, and the principal it revealed.

SOK: Cross on lawsuit; Yarmuth on DACA deal; Enough Dem candidates?

In this week's show, Al Cross helps us understand the Medicaid lawsuit, and John Yarmuth explains why Republicans are so reluctant to do anything about the Dreamers. Finally, we look at the filings for the 2018 election and ask: Where are the Dems?
Bruce Maples

Dear Gov. Bevin, Repubs: Be ye doers of the word

In this excerpt from the 1/19/18 show, we jump to the State of Kentucky editorial, where Bruce Maples, publisher of Forward Kentucky, shares his thoughts on the Bevin budget and the Medicaid waiver, and challenges the Governor and Republicans to be "doers of the word."

Emily Beauregard on the Medicaid waiver

In this excerpt from the 1/19/18 "State of Kentucky" show, we jump to the spot where Emily Beauregard, director of Kentucky Voices for Health, shares her thoughts on the Bevin Medicaid waiver, and how it could be a disaster for hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians.