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Videos produced by Forward Kentucky, including our weekly videocast The State of Kentucky. We include both the entire show, and links to segments within the show. Also included are videos from our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

University of Louisville graph, relabeled by Ky. Health News

11/23 update — Beshear warns hospitals at ‘tipping point’

A new study shows that compliance with Kentucky's new emergency orders to thwart the coronavirus could save up to 1,000 lives in the Louisville region, and presumably have similar results across Kentucky.

This week’s TSOK — Let’s talk with the new KDP chair

The KY Democratic Party has a new chair! On this week's The State of Kentucky, we got to interview Colmon Elridge, and learn more about his goals and plans for the KDP.

11/19 update – Beshear calls new daily record of coronavirus cases ‘staggeringly high’

Gov. Beshear reported a "staggeringly high" number of coronavirus cases on Thursday – 3,649. “This is exponential growth,” Beshear said. “Our job is to stop it and that's why we have put these new steps into place.”

11/18 update — Beshear stops in-person schooling, indoor food service; legislative leaders object

As coronavirus cases surge across Kentucky and the number of counties in the most dangerous level continue to increase, Gov. Andy Beshear issued new restrictions on Wednesday. “Action is unpopular, but inaction is deadly,” Beshear said at his daily briefing.

11/17 update — Tuesday is deadliest day for confirmed covid-19 deaths, with 33

Gov. Beshear said he will impose new pandemic restrictions Wednesday. Meanwhile, cases are running so high that health departments are asking those who have tested positive for it to do their own contact tracing.
Dept. for Public Health graph, relabeled by Ky. Health News

11/16 update — Beshear says Ky. has “exponential growth” of virus cases, so he...

Gov. Beshear warned that Kentucky is having "exponential growth" in coronavirus cases, and said if the trend doesn't change by Wednesday, he may impose further restrictions to slow the spread.

11/12 update — Cases and positive-test rate continue to surge

Gov. Andy Beshear announced 2,342 new cases of the novel coronavirus in Kentucky on Thursday, the second highest day yet, and warned that Kentucky hospitals are having difficulty dealing with it.

11/10 update — 4th highest day for virus cases; state issues Thanksgiving caution

Cases over 2,000 – a record for a Tuesday. Hospitalizations continue to climb. Guidance issued for Thanksgiving; if we celebrate Thanksgiving in the normal way, that's a perfect environment for the virus to spread.
Chart showing number of persons in ICU at all-time high

11/9 update – All major coronavirus metrics have reached new highs; health chief expects...

Health Commissioner Steven Stack noted that Monday also saw new records for hospitalizations, intensive-care usage, and use of ventilators to help patients breathe.

This week on The State of Kentucky: “What now, Kentucky Dems?”

Election 2020 was not a good cycle for Kentucky Democrats, to say the least. On this week's The State of Kentucky, we talk with...

11/5 update — New record for cases (2,318); other key metrics are bad too

In addition to a record number of cases, Beshear noted that every other metric used to measure the virus's impact on Kentucky — deaths, positivity rate, hospitalizations, and red-zone counties — also took a turn for the worse.

11/4 update — Ky. is in the White House task force’s worst zone for...

Being in the White House red zone for cases means the state has 101 or more new cases per 100,000 residents. Kentucky's cases have been increasing for weeks.
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