Non-Member Comments

For a while, we've only allowed members to comment on stories. Starting today, we've switched to allowing non-members to comment.

2017 – The Year of Expansion

We've done our first crowdfunding drive, gotten through the elections (ugh), and added some great contributors. Now is the time for Forward Kentucky to use 2017 as our Year of Expansion.

Adding News Curation

As part of our growing emphasis on the journalism part of our mission, we'll be adding news curation to our posts.

Fake News, the Future of the Country, and Forward Kentucky

"Fake news" is all the news, these days. We are surrounded by, and drowning in, a tsunami of fake news. What does this mean to the future of our state and our country? And, what does this mean for Forward Kentucky?

Forward Kentucky: It’s Go Time

The election is over. Republicans control almost everything, and Trump is going to be president. So what is our response at Forward Kentucky? IT'S GO TIME.

Speak the Truth, Without Being Hate-full

Here's a question for you: Is it possible to speak the truth, to advocate for causes, to call out harmful actions, without at the same time being hate-full?

The ProgKy Backstory

Are you thinking "Wait a minute -- wasn't there a Progress Kentucky some years ago?" If you are, here's the backstory. A number of years...

It’s Time for Progress Kentucky

It's time to speak up. It's time to organize. It's time for Progress Kentucky. With the election of Matt Bevin as governor of Kentucky, and...

Journalism, Heft, and Getting It Right

Just a quick note about a word I keep using, and some reflections on ProgLou a few weeks after the relaunch. Heft. It’s a word...

I’m Back

After many months away from all my sites, after many months of combining work with campaigning, after many months of doing no writing except...