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Bruce Maples (square)

Update on news stories

We've experienced some sudden changes in our news sources. Here's the scoop on them.

What’s with the “via” add-on?

Here's why you might see "via some-outlet-or-another" at the end of our posts on social media.

A short story about a little deal: PubBlog is back

A short story about a little deal: the Publisher's Blog is back.

Three subscriptions you need to purchase

Do you care about the truth? Do you want the facts, the full facts? And do you want to have sources that you can trust? Then there are three subscriptions you need to purchase, right now.
Bevin bending the ear of former Louisville mayor Jerry Abramson.

Caption contest!

Berry Craig, one of our contributors and the webmaster at the KY AFL-CIO web site, is running a caption contest for this pic. Read on to learn how to enter!

‘Some blogger from Louisville’

When someone referred to ForwardKY as "just some blogger from Louisville," I laughed. But then I thought, perhaps we should clear that up.
UK student journalists covering the 2019 gubernatorial race for the State Journal are, from left, Emily Laytham, Noah Oldham and Bailey Vandiver.

ForwardKY partnering with State Journal to publish journo students stories

Forward Kentucky is partnering with The State Journal in Frankfort to publish stories about the governor's race written by students in the UK School of Journalism.

We had to upgrade our hosting plan

If you know what that means, you know why it could be significant. And if you DON'T know what that means, let me explain. It's kinda cool.
(photo by 1 Day Review [CC BY 2.0] – and no, that's not Bruce. :-)

Why we are redesigning the ForwardKY website

Guess what -- we're making some changes to the design of the Forward Kentucky web site. Here's what's changed, and why we're doing it.

Here’s our press release announcing the new scorecards

Forward Kentucky, the "progressive voice for Kentucky politics," posts first-ever scorecards for state legislators based on progressive causes and values.

ForwardKY is back on Medium and Apple News

After a hiatus of some months, Forward Kentucky is once again publishing some of our content to Medium and Apple News. Here's why, and where to find us.

Still need more members for solid financial footing

It's the last day of our membership push, and we still need a few more people to join. So, if you want Forward Kentucky to stay strong, join today!
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