The ProgKy Backstory

Are you thinking "Wait a minute -- wasn't there a Progress Kentucky some years ago?" If you are, here's the backstory. A number of years...
My Old Kentucky Podcast logo

ForwardKY expands partnership with My Old Kentucky Podcast

We've been cross-posting MOKP, by Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, for some time. Recently they proposed a closer working relationship, and we said Yes!

Adding News Curation

As part of our growing emphasis on the journalism part of our mission, we'll be adding news curation to our posts.

Announcing Our New ForwardKY Calendar!

We are excited to announce a new service for Kentucky progressives, activists, and volunteers – the ForwardKY Calendar! Our hope is that eventually this calendar will be a significant resource for the entire state. Please share this link with others, and send us your events!

Fake News, the Future of the Country, and Forward Kentucky

"Fake news" is all the news, these days. We are surrounded by, and drowning in, a tsunami of fake news. What does this mean to the future of our state and our country? And, what does this mean for Forward Kentucky?

Reader Feedback and Comments

Would just like to note how pleased I am that, after having the site up for some time, we are finally getting some comments on stories from readers.

We’re on Medium and Apple News

After some weeks of making sure everything was ready, ForwardKY is publishing on both Apple News and Medium. Check it out!

Take the One-Minute Reader Survey!

We're thinking about adding a feature, and we need YOUR feedback! So, we've put together a survey that will take you less than ONE MINUTE. Please take it!

Our New Show Launches Thursday!

This Thursday we will post the first episode of our new show, "The State of Kentucky." It will be a combination of news, analysis, and commentary, with short interviews intermixed with story-telling, and a closing commentary.


I'm the publisher of this operation, and of all the things we need right now, the BIGGEST need we have is people who can WRITE who want to be REPORTERS.

Yes, We’ve Added Ads – Here’s Why

As you have probably noticed by now, we have added Google Ads to the site. It was not an easy decision. Let me explain why we did it.

Speak the Truth, Without Being Hate-full

Here's a question for you: Is it possible to speak the truth, to advocate for causes, to call out harmful actions, without at the same time being hate-full?

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