The crowd spilled down the capitol steps.

UWS Rally – “We’re not gonna take it any more!”

This was her first-ever protest rally. She taught for 37 years, and was among hundreds of teachers, school administrators, first responders, state workers, union members and others who converged on the Capitol steps Monday afternoon in Frankfort as part of the United We Stand Rally. Their aim? Stop Senate Bill 1.
National School Walkout

National school walkout comes to Kentucky on Wednesday

The national "school walkout" is planned for this Wednesday, and schools across Kentucky are participating. The 17-minute walkout has a twofold purpose: to stand in memory of the 17 students and adults killed in the Stoneman Douglass school massacre, and to demand that lawmakers pass effective gun-control legislation.
Signs galore

Pix from “United We Stand” Rally

Contributor Berry Craig attended the "United We Stand" Rally in Frankfort on Monday, and took a bunch of pictures. Enjoy!

Rebecca Johnson withdraws from House race

Rebecca Johnson, the widow of state Rep. Dan Johnson, has withdrawn from the primary race to fill his seat in November, according to records filed Monday with the Kentucky Secretary of State.
United We Stand

“United We Stand” rally is today

A pension rally sponsored by Kentucky United We Stand takes place today (March 12) on the steps of the state capitol in Frankfort. The theme of the rally is "Fund Us or Face Us," and the point of the rally is to call on lawmakers to find the funding to properly fund the pensions without cutting benefits.

West Virginia strike ends – a report from the field

Thousands of demonstrators erupted in wild cheers and a spontaneous rendition of the state's official song following the passage of a bill by the state Senate that ended the West Virginia strike. A proud and determined people stood up for working people, for education, for their students, and for themselves.

Labor union women fight human trafficking

The Derby City chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) is working to raise local awareness of human trafficking, a modern form of slavery that also includes forced labor. They held a seminar recently, and are working to educate people to the signs of human trafficking.

KFTC Town Halls on KY budget and revenue

KFTC is inviting lawmakers and citizens alike to attend "KFTC Town Halls." The goal is to learn about the issues facing the state, especially the budget and revenue, and have constructive dialogue on how best to move the state forward, as well as inform the lawmakers of the concerns of their constituents.
Inviolable Contract Language

The 21 ways the pension bill is still illegal, according to the AG

Last week, Attorney General Andy Beshear sent a letter to the Kentucky Legislature listing 21 ways the pension bill is illegal, in the opinion of his staff. He has now sent another letter weighing in on the substitute bill, and has come to the same conclusion: it's still illegal.
Cherlynn Stevenson

Cherlynn Stevenson running to bring a new voice to Frankfort

For many, the January 2016 Women’s March on Washington became a turning point in their political awareness. For Cherlynn Stevenson—now a candidate for Kentucky’s 88th House district in Lexington—the March fueled her fire to run for office.

Pro-Trump, anti-union Yuengling comes to Kentucky

Excited about Yuengling beer coming to Kentucky? Well, if you support unions, care about the environment, and can't believe anyone would vote for Donald Trump, you may want to re-think your excitement.
Craft Beers

Boycott brewing against craft breweries

Discussions are happening across the state about launching a boycott of members of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers over the Guild's support of HB-2, a bill that would reduce worker's compensation benefits, sometimes dramatically.