New Repub Strategy Revealed: Kill Healthcare via “Synthetic Repeal”

Republicans in Washing couldn't kill Obamacare directly, so they are trying a different strategy: "synthetic repeal." Andy Slavitt has the scoop.

Republican Budget Passes House; Yarmuth Issues Statement

The U.S. House passed the Republican budget after defeating an alternative proposed by the Democrats. Afterward, Rep. Yarmuth issued this statement:

A Muslim Woman’s Voice in Kentucky

The first thing you notice about Saeeda is her quiet strength. Once you learn her story, you realize where the strength of this Muslim woman comes from.

KRS Investment Committee Meeting – A Report

A report on the recent KRS Investment Committee meeting, provided to Forward Kentucky by Larry Totten, the president of Kentucky Public Retirees.

Young Dem Says “We’re Coming Back”

Are the Democrats poised to hit the comeback trail in Kentucky? One of the red state Bluegrass State’s youngest Democratic leaders says Yes!

Federal Court Strikes Down Narrated Ultrasound Requirement

Federal judge strikes down KY's "narrated ultrasound" requirement, originally enacted by the 2017 GA in HB2. The law was challenged by the ACLU of Kentucky.

Our Revolution CKY: We’re Opposed to Graham-Cassidy

Press release from Our Revolution Central Kentucky, dated September 21, 2017, opposing the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

20 Points on Graham-Cassidy from John Yarmuth

We attended a press briefing this morning with Congressman John Yarmuth. Here are twenty points he made about the pending Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

Graham-Cassidy Update from Andy Slavitt

Here is a Twitter thread from Andy Slavitt outlining where things stand on Graham-Cassidy. We've put it all into one story for your update pleasure.

Graham-Cassidy: Trumpcare Too, but Worse

Senate Repubs are making one last ACA push, and their GrahamCassidy bill is full of bad ideas that will harm many. Here's a list of things to know about it.

Eight Key Points from Bevin’s Tax Video

Here are the key points from Gov. Bevin's recent tax video to the KY Chamber. Included:deal with loopholes, eliminate personal and corporate income taxes.

Massie Votes No on Storm Aid, Gets Called a Name by NKY Chamber

Rep. Massie was one of only three voting against the storm aid package. After the NKY Chamber called him a name in a tweet about his vote, Massie responded.