Comer at Oversight Committee

Comer gets slammed on Twitter for OC committee actions

Jamie Comer was proud of his part in Thursday's reprise of the Army-McCarthy hearings. But when he tweeted about it, the response was not what he expected.
EKy Medicaid Cuts Meeting

Legislators: Bevin’s dental, vision cuts ‘spiteful’ and ‘immorally wrong’

Democratic legislators held a public forum in East Kentucky about the governor's Medicaid cuts and their impact on that part of the state.
FLOC-VUSE boycott

Union wins tobacco strike, continues VUSE e-cigarette boycott

After winning back pay for farm workers, the Farm Laborers Organizing Committee is continuing their VUSE e-cigarette boycott against Reynolds Tobacco.
Mint julep cup

Private gun sales. Personalized julep cups. See what audit of Kentucky’s courts found.

A lack of oversight among executives and elected officials in the KY Court System has created a culture ripe for abuse, says state auditor Mike Harmon.

Kentucky Politics News and Notes – Wednesday, 7/11/18

It's the second installment of our new feature, "Kentucky Politics News and Notes." Check it out, and let us know if you find it useful.

Tom Nichols on Chait’s Trump/Russia article

Jonathan Chait has laid out an important question: Is Trump under the control of Russia? Tom Nichols shares his insights on the Chait post. Read them both.

Senate affirms support of NATO; Rand Paul votes No

The U.S. Senate just voted to affirm our commitment to our NATO allies and the alliance ... but Kentucky's own Rand Paul voted against it.

Kentucky Politics News and Notes – Monday 7/9/18

First of our News & Notes covering Kentucky politics. A bullet list of items from across the state, incl stories, tweets, and what not. Feedback welcome!

2019 Governor’s race: Beshear announcing, others in play

Attorney General Andy Beshear is expected to announce he is running for KY governor in a tour of the state. Other candidates are in play, however.
Quin Poll Separate Children

Republicans support separating children from parents

In a Quinnipiac poll released on June 18, Republican voters were the only demographic group that supported separating children from their immigrant parents.
"Who Are We To Be" Sign

OccupyICE vs ThreePercenters picture gallery

Here are pictures (and a very short video) from the OccupyICE / ThreePercenters event on Saturday, July 7, in Louisville.
OccupyICE Crowd

OccupyICE vs ThreePercenters: This is what democracy looks like

This morning I attended the protest/counter-protest between OccupyIce and the ThreePercenters, and thought, "This is what democracy looks like."