People over partisianship, McKenzie runs for House

Putting people over partisanship, R.B. McKenzie wants to bring good-paying jobs back to Kentucky communities.
Craig and Jenny Lindon at the teachers' rally (photo courtesy of the candidate)

Lindon will bring opportunity to eastern Kentucky

Unlike his opponent who spent time talking about his pet rock, Craig Lindon will focus on actually helping the working people of his district.

Hinkle sees eastern Kentucky’s potential

Kathy Hinkle thinks all hard-working people in her district deserve to know where lawmakers stand on issues mattering to them.

Harris works hard for hard-working families

One of our strongest advocates for every-day working Kentuckians, Chris Harris's district lies deep in the heart of Appalachia’s coal fields.

Innovation, cooperation starts with Howard

Cluster Howard believes the Legislature can solve problems if it works together instead of hurting working people with partisan politics.

Kelly Smith: a new voice in state government

Kelly Smith never planned to run for office, but increasing concern over Frankfort’s war on education made her realize that new voices are needed.

Dustin Allen: Public education is the best investment

Dustin Allen will say he’s just a working person like everyone else, but he’s one of many rural KY teachers running to replace out-of-touch legislators.

Payne will restore balance in House

After 30 years of service as a Knox County educator, Debra Payne decided she needed to help fix Kentucky’s state government.

Kentucky has hope in Pope

After seeing the state pension systems unravel and the negative changes to education, Tom Pope felt called to run for office.

Kingsley knows Appalachia’s strengths, struggles

After working for almost a decade in Legal Aid in Appalachia, Stefanie Kingsley learned the strengths and struggles of eastern Kentucky communities.

Putting families first in the 81st: Morgan Eaves

Morgan Eaves feels the people of Madison County deserve better representation in Frankfort, so she is running for the state’s 81st House District.

Coulson’s race for fair, prosperous state

Greg Coulson knew it was time for him to be the change needed in Kentucky’s Legislature, so he is running for the state’s 78th House District.