Poor People's Campaign Logo

Poor People’s Campaign kicks off in Frankfort

The Poor People's Campaign, a "national call for moral revival," on Monday launched six weeks of non-violent direct action in state capitols across the country, including in Frankfort.
"Wear Orange" for National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Paducah marks National Gun Violence Awareness Day

The Jackson Purchase is pro-gun and pro-Trump country. But the mayor of the region's main town is the first mayor in the country to proclaim June 2 as "National Gun Violence Awareness Day," an annual observance the National Rifle Association ridiculed as "pointless" and "a thinly-veiled anti-gun stunt."
Governor Matt Bevin

Matt Bevin rips judge involved in pension case as ‘incompetent hack’

The day after losing a procedural motion in the lawsuit challenging Kentucky's new pension law, Gov. Matt Bevin doubled down in his attacks against the judge in the case, Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd.
Sheri Donahue

Sheri Donahue wants to engineer a better KY Senate

Sheri Donahue has been an engineer. She's worked in cyber security. She's led national organizations. She's worked in D.C., and she's briefed admirals. Now she wants to take all her engineering and professional and problem-solving experience, and use it to make Kentucky's state senate better.

Bevin dismisses lawsuit chance, attacks judges and “liberals”

Gov. Matt Bevin says he is confident that the JCPS takeover will ultimately withstand any legal challenge, though he said such a lawsuit might prevail at the trial court level where he said Kentucky has many incompetent judges.
Gay Adelmann (square)

Gay Adelmann – taking the fight for public ed to Frankfort

“Despite all the warnings we gave her about the true agenda of this 'reform movement,' my senator didn’t listen. She voted for charter schools anyway. That’s why I decided to run.” – Gay Adelmann, candidate for state Senate. Read our profile to learn more about this public education champion.
Matt Kaufmann

Matt Kaufmann – An Educator for Kentucky

“I'm fighting for my students, families, our community, public education, and a greater sense of transparency from our elected officials. It's time to put a proven educator in office. I'm a leader. I've lived the struggle of working families. I will bring a new culture of cooperation to Frankfort.” – Matt Kaufmann
Brian Pedigo

Brian Pedigo wants Medicare for all – and to retire Brett Guthrie

Brian Pedigo is not a newcomer to politics. He's worked on campaigns, and even run for Congress to make sure a Republican didn't run unopposed. But when he heard Brett Guthrie brag about being an "architect" of the GOP healthcare scam, Brian decided it was time to run again.
Etown Tshirt

Fairness, other groups plan protest at Etown business

The Fairness Campaign and other organizations plan to rally Tuesday outside Herb and Olive Market in downtown Elizabethtown because of claims of discrimination made by a former employee.
Chris Lord

Chris Lord is actually under contract to make a difference in Washington

On November 8, 2016, two momentous things happened in Chris Lord's life: Donald Trump was elected president, and Chris's granddaughter was born. And those two events led to Chris Lord running for Congress.
Money locked

No spending for Dems: Magoffin County Democratic party in ‘inactive’ financial status

While the county offices are all on the ballot this year, the Magoffin Democratic party will not be spending anything to support any candidates.

Dr. Karen Berg hopes to remedy what is ailing Kentucky

As a practicing physician, Dr. Karen Berg sees Kentucky’s needs from a unique vantage point. Throughout her medical career, she has cared for people in all kinds of situations. Now with most of her career objectives met, she is ready to run as a candidate for state senator in the 26th District.