New bill would require “In God We Trust” in all public schools

House Bill 46, promoted by the Legislative Prayer Caucus, requires all Kentucky public schools to display "In God We Trust" prominently within the building.
Damon Thayer (photo by the Herald-Leader via Kentucky Press News Service)

Top senator pushing bill to strip Grimes of her power over Kentucky’s elections board

A top Republican lawmaker is proposing legislation that would strip SOS Alison Lundergan Grimes of her authority over the Kentucky State Board of Elections.

Grimes calls for immediate release of all voter registration system searches

In response to allegations of misuse, SOS Alison Lundergan Grimes called for the public release of all searches of the state's voter registration system.
TVA's Paradise Coal Plant (photo by Tennessee Valley Authority [public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

A Kentucky coal plant is too expensive, but Trump and Bevin want to keep...

Trump and Bevin are pressuring TVA to keep a coal-fired power plant operating, even though the utility has concluded that the plant is unreliable.

Anti-solar bill flies through Senate

SB 100, an anti-solar bill pushed by utilities, flew through the KY Senate in record time, and will be heard in a House committee today (Thursday).
Plaque honoring the 8th US Colored Artillery (photo by Berry Craig)

A forgotten piece of black history in Kentucky

They are the forgotten veterans of Graves County and most other parts of Kentucky. Now, as part of Black History Month, we tell their story.
Vaping (photo by Lindsay Fox at her blog [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Tobacco-free school bill moves to full House; passage expected

A bill to make Kentucky school properties tobacco-free passed unanimously out of the House health committee, and will be voted on Monday, Feb. 11.
1973 photo of styrene flowing into a creek that fed the Ohio River. ORSANCO was formed to deal with this sort of pollution. (from National Archives at College Park [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

Kentuckians challenge ORSANCO to defend Ohio River quality standards

ORSANCO is expected to vote this week on the future of water-quality standards that impact nearly two-thirds of Kentucky's waterways.
Engraving of the First Amendment (photo by Zakarie Faibis [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Has Gov. Bevin violated the First Amendment?

When Gov. Bevin signed his anti-BDS executive order in late 2018, did he realize that he may have been violating the First Amendment?
Representative Jim Glenn at his desk in the House chambers after being sworn in (photo via Anna Whites)

Johnson drops Glenn election challenge

Challenger D.J. Johnson withdrew his challenge in the House 13 election on Friday morning, leaving Jim Glenn as the undisputed rep for that district.

State audit finds “significant deficiencies” within Office of Technology

Auditor Harmon's office found "significant deficiencies" in the Commonwealth Office of Technology, affecting both backups and security.
SCOKY Justice William Cunningham (photo via the Administrative Office of the Courts)

Retired justice criticizes Bevin’s attacks on court

KY's courts are under attack by Gov. Bevin and leges intent on using courts to further their political purposes, according to SCOKY Justice Bill Cunningham.

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