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Visualization: The spread of COVID-19 in Kentucky in 21 days

Want to see how COVID-19 has spread across the state? Here is a neat visualization using two maps three weeks apart. Pretty dramatic.

Here’s what made the Trump admin take the coronavirus seriously

After reading a report from the Imperial College of Medicine, the Trump administration got much more serious about COVID-19. What is in that report?
Billboard by Mad Dog PAC near Berea (photo by Mad Dog PAC)

McConnell gets billboarded

Mad Dog PAC raises money to put up billboards opposing Trump and various GOP electeds. Their latest target is our own senator, Mitch McConnell.

Massie is lone No vote on ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’

On Wednesday, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky was the only NO vote on a bill supporting human rights and democracy in Hong Kong.
Sign held by some at the presser

Faith leaders call out Bevin on abortion

After Matt Bevin said Baptists should be "insulted" by Andy Beshear's first ad due to Beshear's stance on abortion, a group of faith leaders including Baptist ministers called out the governor.
Another shot of the swearing in, showing the Beshear family

Kentucky vs. Tennessee on coronavirus may be the best example of ‘elections matter’ in...

KY elected Andy Beshear. TN elected Bill Lee. As the coronavirus crisis has unfolded, we see that whom you elect, and what they believe, actually matters.
The three main Dem candidates for governor: Rocky Adkins, Adam Edelen, and Andy Beshear

Our analysis of the Dem candidates for KY governor

We look at each using four criteria: their vision, their policies, their viability as a candidate, and their effectiveness as governor. See if you agree!

Beshear says about 17 churches planning services ‘can probably expect to see us’

Gov. Andy Beshear said Wednesday that about 17 churches and other entities in Kentucky are still planning to hold gatherings this weekend, despite his order against it and his grave warnings that they will spread the coronavirus and kill people. He said he hopes they will change their plans, but in case they don't, he is talking to local officials about what to do. And he got the support of a religiously focused lobbying group that urged churches not to meet.

ICE seizes longtime Bardstown resident

A Bardstown resident who has lived in the United States for nearly 20 years has been seized by ICE and is being held pending his deportation to Mexico.

Kentucky senator says she was telling Trump about vaping. Then the meeting exploded.

A Kentucky state senator says she was taken aback by the lack of decorum shown by vaping industry executives in a White House meeting with President Trump.
The Koch Brothers, as imagined by Donkey Hotey

Koch cash flowing to Kentucky

The billionaire Koch brothers are buying flood insurance against a teacher-driven blue wave in Kentucky, by supporting six Repub incumbents.
Rocky Adkins speaking in Paducah (photo by Berry Craig)

Candidate analysis: Rocky Adkins

Rocky Adkins is the Democratic leader in the KY House, and one of three top candidates for governor in 2019. Here is our analysis of his candidacy.
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