New Pension Bill In the Works

A new pension reform bill, sometimes called a "Shared Responsibility" bill, is being developed with input from various stakeholder groups

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After loss in court, Bevin administration cancels vision, dental coverage

After seeing its Medicaid waiver blocked in court, the Bevin administration has cancelled vision and dental coverage for 460,000 Kentuckians.

Senate affirms support of NATO; Rand Paul votes No

The U.S. Senate just voted to affirm our commitment to our NATO allies and the alliance ... but Kentucky's own Rand Paul voted against it.

Pro-Trump, anti-union Yuengling comes to Kentucky

Excited about Yuengling beer coming to Kentucky? Well, if you support unions, care about the environment, and can't believe anyone would vote for Donald Trump, you may want to re-think your excitement.

Pension Pushback “Large, Unexpected” – KCEP Leader

Jason Bailey says that in his 20 years of working on policy in Kentucky, he has never seen pushback like what is happening over Gov. Bevin's pension bill.

Matt Jones, Their “One Liberal Friend”

Matt Jones jokes that more than a few of his sports radio show fans consider him “their one liberal friend.” That background has informed his work on NKP.

Yarmuth Cheered in Deep Red Western Kentucky

Congressman John Yarmuth brought an unabashedly liberal message to arguably the most conservative corner of the Bluegrass State, and his listeners loved it.

Secret FB Pension Group Has 10,000 Members

A secret Facebook group that started as a safe place to vent about the pension bill has grown to over 10,000 members, and plans a rally in Frankfort.

UPDATED: GOP leaders fire head of LRC

The GOP leaders of the KY legislature, wanting a "different direction," have fired the director of the non-partisan Legislative Research Commission.
"The Gerry-Mander", the political cartoon that led to the coining of the term Gerrymander. The district depicted in the cartoon was created by the Massachusetts legislature to favor the incumbent Democratic-Republican party candidates of Governor Elbridge Gerry over the Federalists in 1812. (by Elkanah Tisdale (often falsely attributed to Gilbert Stuart) [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

The sleeper issue that could doom Kentucky Democrats

This year, voters seem mostly focused on pensions, taxes, and education. But a sleeper issue could doom the KY Dem party for at least a decade—maybe longer.
The moving truck caravan arrives at the Capitol. (photo by Berry Craig)

“KY Moving Party” rolls into Frankfort

Moving trucks rolled up to the state capitol in Frankfort to begin the "KY Moving Party" rally, where voters were urged to "move out" certain legislators.

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