Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul (from official photos)

Trump’s national emergency draws different reactions from Kentucky’s senators

President Trump's plan to sign a government funding bill and declare a national emergency drew two different reactions from Kentucky's senators.
2015 form 1040 (US Federal Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Bevin, Holland, and others would have to show tax returns under new law

Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover wants a law requiring Kentucky candidates seeking statewide office to show voters their tax returns.
Pro-choice sign at DC Women's March (photo by Liz Lemon [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

Two anti-abortion bills flying through the legislature

Two anti-abortion bills are both on fast tracks in the General Assembly, having been passed by their respective houses by large margins.
Damon Thayer (photo by the Herald-Leader via Kentucky Press News Service)

Top senator pushing bill to strip Grimes of her power over Kentucky’s elections board

A top Republican lawmaker is proposing legislation that would strip SOS Alison Lundergan Grimes of her authority over the Kentucky State Board of Elections.

“Just in case” abortion bill clears House committee

A bill to ban abortion in Kentucky, should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, easily cleared the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday.
(photo Chalmers Butterfield [CC BY 2.5] via Wikimedia Commons)

Nursing home lobbyists write bills to restrict inspections and lawsuits against owners

Lobbyists for Kentucky’s nursing homes have helped write two bills in KYGA19 that would place new restrictions on state inspections of nursing homes.
1973 photo of styrene flowing into a creek that fed the Ohio River. ORSANCO was formed to deal with this sort of pollution. (from National Archives at College Park [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

Kentuckians challenge ORSANCO to defend Ohio River quality standards

ORSANCO is expected to vote this week on the future of water-quality standards that impact nearly two-thirds of Kentucky's waterways.
Vaping (photo by Lindsay Fox at her blog [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Tobacco-free school bill moves to full House; passage expected

A bill to make Kentucky school properties tobacco-free passed unanimously out of the House health committee, and will be voted on Monday, Feb. 11.
Just sayin' ... (photo by Nick Lacy)

Anti-Trump-emergency protests planned for Monday

Protests will be held across Kentucky today (February 18) to protest President Trump's emergency border-wall declaration.

Anti-solar bill improved by House, goes back to Senate

SB 100, the anti-solar bill pushed by utility companies, was made less anti-solar by amendments in the Kentucky House, and now goes back to the Senate.
"Concealed weapons school" sign in rural area (photo by Smallchief [CC BY-SA 3.0] via

Guns-without-permits-or-training bill clears Senate on Parkland anniversary

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that eliminates the requirement for a permit or for training in order to carry a concealed weapon.

Ramsey remains KRS trustee, two months after announcing resignation

Despite announcing he would resign as a trustee of the Kentucky Retirement Systems, Neil Ramsey is still a board trustee of the state agency.

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