The crowd at the WVa rally on March 3, supporting teachers and public employees in their strike.

West Virginia teachers and public employees gettin’ it done!

Here are photos, videos, and a writeup from the front lines of the West Virginia teachers and public employees strike. THIS is what democracy looks like!

Kelly Flood stands for education, sustainable energy, and racial justice

Kelly Flood has represented the 75th district since she was elected in 2008, working for public education, sustainable energy, and racial justice.

Kentucky pension crisis: A closer look at what ‘Frontline’ found

Years of underfunding and risky investments created the multi-billion dollar pension crisis in Kentucky, according to a "Frontline" report on KET.
Amy McGrath celebrates

Amy McGrath soars to victory over Jim Gray in Kentucky. Battle with Andy Barr...

Former fighter pilot Amy McGrath surged to victory over Lexington Mayor Jim Gray Tuesday in the Democratic primary for Kentucky's 6th Congressional District, setting up a November election that will attract national money and attention as Democrats try to make Kentucky part of a possible blue wave in 2018.

News Roundup: 2017-01-25

Kentucky political and progressive news roundup for Wednesday, 2017-01-25.

Calendar set for General Assembly 2019 session

Here you go -- the dates for next year's General Assembly. Put them on your calendar, 'cause it's a short session, with only a few days to be heard.
Bank roll (public domain from Wikimedia Commons

How much is spent lobbying the executive branch? This bill will provide the answer.

There is currently no public record of how much businesses spend lobbying the executive branch of Kentucky government. SB6 would change that.

Beshear To Consider Suing FCC Over Net Neutrality Rollback

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is considering joining the lawsuit to stop the FCC's repeal of net neutrality, according to a statement.
Make-believe moving boxes were stacked on the Capitol steps

KY Moving Party Rally (Gallery)

Activist groups held a "KY Moving Party" on Saturday, focusing attention voting in the midterms to help certain incumbents "pack their bags and move out."

Maurice Sweeney: an advocate for the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised

Maurice Sweeney hopes to inspire others to “go beyond the conversation” and to challenge incumbents whose leadership has become outdated or ineffective.
SCOKY Justice William Cunningham (photo via the Administrative Office of the Courts)

Cunningham to leave state Supreme Court

Justice Bill Cunningham announced retirement from the KY Supreme Court, signaling an end to a public service career that spanned more than 40 years.

Harris works hard for hard-working families

One of our strongest advocates for every-day working Kentuckians, Chris Harris's district lies deep in the heart of Appalachia’s coal fields.

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