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Governor Beshear delivering his state address on the pandemic (photo by Tom Latek, Kentucky Today)

Beshear vetoes 2 education bills; signs 5 others into law

Beshear vetoed HB 563, the so-called "school choice" bill, and HB 258, which makes new teachers work longer for less guaranteed benefits.

Beshear vetoes three more bills, including one attacking open records laws

Governor Andy Beshear issued vetoes on three more bills on Tuesday, noting that each of the bills harmed Kentuckians instead of helping them.

3/23 update — Vaccinations hit new high, but several locations have hundreds of slots...

Kentucky broke another weekly record for coronavirus shots, but several vaccination sites still have many slots open next week.

Governor signs 13 health-related bills into law, including one that caps insulin co-payment at...

Gov. Andy Beshear signed 13 health bills into law Monday, highlighting one that caps insulin costs for about 30 percent of Kentuckians who need the life-preserving hormone.

3/23 update — Beshear blames high prison case numbers on testing, but death rate...

Kentucky has the second-highest rate of cases in the U.S. among state prisoners ... and the third-highest death rate from COVID-19, according to The Marshall Project.

3/21 update — Positivity rate drops below 3% as new cases continue their slow...

The course of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kentucky crossed another threshold Sunday: In the last seven days, fewer than 3 percent of residents tested for the novel coronavirus got a positive result.

Ky. Congressional delegation signs disaster declaration

Gov. Andy Beshear has gotten the backing of Kentucky’s Congressional delegation in his effort to have President Joe Biden issue a major disaster declaration for the state, due to February’s snow and ice.

3/18 update — State opens priority vaccinations to ages 50-59, announces new vax sites...

Gov. Beshear announced expansions of the state's vaccination program, and said bars and restaurants could stay open an hour later because the state's positivity rate has fallen sharply, especially Thursday.
Kentucky State Capitol Building (photo by Daderot [public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

General Assembly sends a resolution on emergency orders and several other pandemic-related bills to...

The General Assembly has sent Gov. Beshear a list of which COVID-19 emergency orders should stay in place if the legislature wins its legal battle over the governor's emergency powers.

3/17 update — For first time, no new virus cases reported in Ky. long-term...

Almost all pandemic measures fell Wednesday, but one was especially remarkable: No new cases of the virus were reported among residents of long-term-care facilities, which were the primary hotbeds of infection and death as the virus spread a year ago.

Good bills, bad bills, who-knows bills — 18 bills that just made the cut-off

Here are 18 bills that passed in the last two days. Some are good bills (in our opinion), some are bad bills (some are REALLY bad), and some are either a mix of good and bad or a "who knows?" situation.

Seven bills that DIDN’T pass KYGA21 (so far)

As lawmakers rushed to pass bills over the final two days of the session before "veto days," some bills just didn't make it. Here are seven such bills.