Bank roll (public domain from Wikimedia Commons

How much is spent lobbying the executive branch? This bill will provide the answer.

There is currently no public record of how much businesses spend lobbying the executive branch of Kentucky government. SB6 would change that.

After audit calls for ‘change in culture,’ Kentucky Fish and Wildlife hires an insider

The Fish & Wildlife dept hired a new commissioner – the person who interviewed candidates for the job. This after an audit called for a "change in culture."

Bill that would let Bevin, others avoid Judge Shepherd is Senate priority

Senate Bill 2 (SB2) says claims against the state that now must go to Franklin Circuit can be redirected if a defendant requests a special judge.

Medicaid suit re-filed, claims KY HEALTH still violates the law

Sixteen Kentuckians have re-filed a federal lawsuit to block the roll-out of the revised Medicaid program, KY HEALTH, claiming it still breaks the law.
FRANKFORT, January 10 -- Rep. Tim Moore (R-Elizabethtown) outlines this session’s legislative initiatives for the newly formed bipartisan, bicameral Pro-Life Caucus during a press conference in the rotunda. (photo by LRC Public Information)

2 anti-abortion bills are already moving through the Republican-led General Assembly, and several others...

In the first week of the 2019 legislative session, opponents of abortion began moving bills through the General Assembly.
Rep. Charles Miller (D-Louisville) expresses concerns about proposed changes to School-Based Decision Making Councils during the Interim Joint Committee on Education. (photo via LRC Public Information)

Senate sends two education bills to the House

The Kentucky Senate has sent two bills to the House dealing with public education: one on SBDM councils, and another on teacher tribunals.
(photo by FLariviere via Shutterstock)

Republicans seize Glenn absentee ballots (updated)

The Republican members of the Glenn election challenge committee seized the absentee ballots from Owensboro and transported them to Frankfort.
Elementary school students building ROVs (photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Vaughan Dill [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

With deadly shootings on their minds, lawmakers unveil SB1 to try to make schools...

State Sen. Max Wise unveiled a bi-partisan, comprehensive 30-page bill (SB1) on Wednesday intended to make Kentucky schools safer.
Kentucky State Capitol Building (photo by Daderot [public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

Access to capitol buildings cut back; comment process put in place

Governor Bevin's administration has put new regulations and procedures in place that limit access to the state capitol and the annex.
Kentucky Senate chamber (photo by Daderot [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons)

Senate bill outlaws abortions once fetal heartbeat is discovered

A new bill filed in the Kentucky Senate (SB9) would outlaw abortions once a fetal heartbeat was detected, and would make most abortions a Class D felony.

Glenn files motion to dismiss challenge as moot, due to seating

Jim Glenn has called on the House to dismiss the election challenge, since now that he is seated, the only action the House can take is impeachment.
Medical marijuana neon sign at a dispensary (photo by Laurie Avocado [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Medical marijuana gets new push in Kentucky from Republican lawmakers

A medical marijuana bill filed Wednesday in Frankfort would have Kentucky join 33 other states in allowing cannabis use for serious health problems.

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