Paper ballot voting in California (by Peter Merholz from Berkeley, CA; CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Seven vote recanvasses scheduled

Vote totals from last week's elections have been reported to the Secretary of State's office, and now seven races are going to be recanvassed.

Education chief pledges to ask for ‘funding mechanism’ for charter schools

Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis says he will ask the 2019 General Assembly to create a funding mechanism or process for charter schools.

Republicans want to keep major cases from judge who struck pension law

Judge Shepherd's pension bill ruling led to a lot of criticism from Republicans. Now some want to keep government cases out of Franklin Circuit Court.
IVotronic voting machine

Woodford, Franklin counties had highest voter turnouts in the state

With a 60% voter turnout Tuesday, Franklin County ranked second in the state behind only neighboring Woodford County, which boasted a 61% average.

Shamed lawmakers out to bury woman’s graphic testimony, lawyers say

Three state lawmakers are asking the courts to seal portions of a deposition in the sexual misconduct case involving a former LRC staff member.

Recanvass looms in 13th District House race

Every voter that chose Jim Glenn may be the person that proved every vote counts, but a recanvass could soon be underway in the 13th House district race.

Emerge Kentucky has impact on 2018 election with 27 wins by program grads

Emerge Kentucky had a noticeable impact on the 2018 elections in Kentucky, with 27 alumnae scoring victories at the polls.

GOP attack mailer ‘not Rotary-worthy’

Whoops! A Republican mass-mailer might nudge Martha Emmons to victory in the close third state House district race tomorrow. She’s the DEMOCRAT in the race.

Emerge Kentucky breaks multiple records with 55 women on the ballot

Emerge Kentucky breaks multiple records with 55 alumnae on the ballot: 60% are first-time candidates, 33% are educators, and 25% are women of color.
Candidate Joe Cunningham (campaign photo)

A Cunningham in Congress – but it’s Joe, not Bill

A Kentucky Cunningham may yet make it to Congress, but from South Carolina. Joe Cunningham, son of Justice Bill Cunningham, is the Dem hopeful in SC-01.

Grimes predicts turnout, shares election stats and info

SOS Alison Lundergan Grimes made her turnout prediction for next week's election, and shared statistics and other notes, including absentee voting totals.

Andy Barr breaks with Trump over vow to end birthright citizenship

Rep. Andy Barr broke step with President Trump over the citizenship rights of U.S.-born children whose parents are undocumented immigrants.