Opening graph in Mason-Dixon poll document

Early poll is bad news for Bevin

The Mason-Dixon polling company is out with a new Kentucky poll on the 2019 governor's race, and it's bad news for Matt Bevin.

Pension ruling hands victory to Andy Beshear over Gov. Matt Bevin

The KYSOC ruling against the pension reform bill handed a decisive victory to state AG Andy Beshear, at the expense of Gov. Bevin, who pushed for the law.
(photo by kitamin via Shutterstock)

Kentucky pension ruling: We break down 5 key points

The pension ruling by SCOKY doesn't address the substance of the sewer-bill-turned-pension measure. Here are five takeaways from the ruling.

KCEP: KY economic performance falls short of Bevin admin claims

KCEP has released an in-depth report that refutes the Bevin administration claims about Kentucky's economy, and in fact shows a slow-down across the state.
Opponents of an extraordinary session bill submitted by Wisconsin Republican legislators hold "Stop Lame Duck" signs at a rally outside the Wisconsin state Capitol in Madison, Wis., Monday, Dec. 3, 2018. (John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

Lame-duck power grabs escalate unsettling trend

The move by Repub legislators to strip power from incoming executive branch Democrats sets an unsettling, even anti-democratic trend, experts say.
Map of Kentucky broken into urban, suburban, and rural types (by Robert Kahne)

The rural-urban divide in Kentucky, analyzed

You've been hearing about the growing rural-urban divide in Kentucky politics, but Robert Kahne can SHOW it to you. How can KY Dems overcome it?
(photo by Stephen Coburn via Shutterstock)

Kentucky groups stand against attack on immigrant families

A radical and punishing "public charge" rule change would harm immigrant families across Kentucky and the country, and is an affront to our commonwealth.
House vote by county (graph by Robert Kahne)

Dem maps change for the worse across the state

Dems drew the House districts in the last redistricting, but those district maps have gone from favoring Dems to favoring Repubs. Why?
The three Gs that Republicans run on

Republicans win on the Three Gs – plus an L for “Lying”

Republicans in Kentucky have been running on the Three Gs for decades. This year they added another letter – an L for Lying about the Dems.
Mountain rock pile (photo by Rad Dougall [CC BY 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Gibraltar crumbles

Kentucky’s “Democratic Gibraltar” has crumbled. Jackson Purchase voters have defeated the region's last two Democratic lawmakers.
Graph of KY House races with Democratic candidates, 2014-2016-2018

By the numbers – how KY Dems actually did on Tuesday

By now you know that pundits are saying that the "blue wave" was more of a ripple in Kentucky. But what do you see when you actually dig into the numbers?
Paper ballot voting in California (by Peter Merholz from Berkeley, CA; CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

2018 Midterms – overview of what happened

The 2018 Midterms are mostly history, except for a few recounts and a lot of hot takes. So, here are the basics of what went down on Tuesday.

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