Bevin: ‘Breaking the backs’ of teachers union will be among ‘best things’ for Kentucky

Gov. Matt Bevin took another swipe at teachers and the Kentucky Education Association during a speech Wednesday, saying the union "suffocates" teachers.

Kentucky Supreme Court upholds GOP law curbing power of labor unions to collect dues

A divided Kentucky Supreme Court upheld Thursday a law that severely curbs the power of labor unions to collect dues from workers.
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Kentucky high court rejects medical review panels, clearing way for malpractice suits

The Kentucky Supreme Court unanimously struck down Thursday a 2017 law creating medical review panels to limit medical malpractice lawsuits.
Adkins talks with with Laborers Local 1214 retiree Chuck Paisley and Sheila Bruce.

Rocky Adkins says he’s the Democrat who can win back rural Kentucky

Rocky Adkins, the longtime state legislative leader from Eastern Kentucky, announced Wednesday he will seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor.
The "Protect Mueller" protesters in Louisville using their cell phones to "light the night" (photo by Betsy Foster)

“Protect Mueller” protest in Louisville has its own protesters

Hundreds of people turned out for the "Protect Mueller" protest in Louisville. But they were met by a small group of counter-protesters.
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Seven vote recanvasses scheduled

Vote totals from last week's elections have been reported to the Secretary of State's office, and now seven races are going to be recanvassed.

Education chief pledges to ask for ‘funding mechanism’ for charter schools

Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis says he will ask the 2019 General Assembly to create a funding mechanism or process for charter schools.

Republicans want to keep major cases from judge who struck pension law

Judge Shepherd's pension bill ruling led to a lot of criticism from Republicans. Now some want to keep government cases out of Franklin Circuit Court.
The three Gs that Republicans run on

Republicans win on the Three Gs – plus an L for “Lying”

Republicans in Kentucky have been running on the Three Gs for decades. This year they added another letter – an L for Lying about the Dems.
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Gibraltar crumbles

Kentucky’s “Democratic Gibraltar” has crumbled. Jackson Purchase voters have defeated the region's last two Democratic lawmakers.
IVotronic voting machine

Woodford, Franklin counties had highest voter turnouts in the state

With a 60% voter turnout Tuesday, Franklin County ranked second in the state behind only neighboring Woodford County, which boasted a 61% average.

Shamed lawmakers out to bury woman’s graphic testimony, lawyers say

Three state lawmakers are asking the courts to seal portions of a deposition in the sexual misconduct case involving a former LRC staff member.