State Senator Whitney Westerfield (official photo)

State Supreme Court to look at Marsy’s Law

Marsy’s Law, which seeks to lay out constitutional rights for victims of crimes, will soon make its way to the Kentucky Supreme Court.
State representative Kim Moser (official photo)

House health panel’s new chair starts fast, with bills to ban school tobacco use,...

Rep. Kim Moser says she has the votes to make schools tobacco-free, urge medical-marijuana research, and make it easier to get treatment for addiction.

Medicaid work requirement delayed again as court mulls case

Facing another legal challenge to its revised Medicaid program, the Bevin administration has delayed implementation of the program's work requirements.
Representative Jim Glenn at his desk in the House chambers after being sworn in (photo via Anna Whites)

Glenn recount a tie — now what?

After a recount that took all day on Saturday, the election between Jim Glenn and D.J. Johnson was declared a tie. What happens next is unknown.
The Supreme Court building (by Mr. Kjetil Ree; CC BY-SA 3.0 via

AG Beshear tells leges: Fetal heartbeat bill is unconstitutional

AG Beshear sent a letter to the leaders of the General Assembly today, telling them that SB 9, the fetal heartbeat bill, is unconstitutional.

Hoover and other lawmakers sue staffer who alleged sexual harassment

State Rep. Jeff Hoover and two other lawmakers have sued the former staffer who alleged sexual harassment, for violating the confidentiality agreement.
Rep. Jim Glenn (photo from campaign Facebook page)

Glenn recount is Saturday – here’s the order and process

The recount in the Jim Glenn election challenge will be done by the local county clerk's office, instead of by the House committee.
The Supreme Court building (by Mr. Kjetil Ree; CC BY-SA 3.0 via

Gov. Bevin’s lawyers say Kim Davis failed to do her job as clerk, must...

Lawyers for Gov. Bevin say Kim Davis should be held responsible for nearly $225,000 in legal fees incurred by couples who sued her in 2015.
Ballot (photo by Susan Schmitz at Shutterstock)

Here’s your final list of candidates for #Election2019

Now that the filing date has passed, we can give you the entire list of candidates for state-wide office in this year's elections.

The Alison Grimes – ProPublica story

A Herald-Leader/ProPublica story alleges that Alison Grimes's staff used their access to voter rolls to look up job applicants and politicians.
(photo by Daniel Schwen [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons)

Bill would reform cash bail in Kentucky

A new bill could help end the use of cash bail as the main way defendants are held in jail pretrial, and possibly lead to other criminal justice reforms.
Ballot (photo by Susan Schmitz at Shutterstock)

The latest on #Election2019 candidate filings

With the deadline tomorrow, a number of people have filed to run in this year's statewide races. Here's the latest list, straight from the SOS web site.

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