Bevin EOY – Accomplishments and Attacks

Governor Bevin held his end-of-year review on Thursday, and combined a long list of accomplishments with attacks on the media and on Attorney General Andy Beshear.

McConnell Is #39th Wealthiest Member of Congress

McConnell is the wealthiest KY Congressperson, but he's only #39 overall. The rest are out of the top 50, with one having a negative net worth.

More Freeway Blogging in Lexington

The "freeway blogging" group struck again in Lexington on Monday, posting three banners with the same message: "McConnell Is Lying #TaxScam."

Governor Bevin Blocks Rep. Attica Scott

The governor of Kentucky has blocked Representative Attica Scott on Twitter. Scott is Kentucky's only black female legislator.

Beshear To Consider Suing FCC Over Net Neutrality Rollback

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is considering joining the lawsuit to stop the FCC's repeal of net neutrality, according to a statement.

State Rep. Dan Johnson Has Died

State Representative Dan Johnson, who allegedly sexually molested a teenage friend of his daughter, has died of an apparent suicide.

Bevin Leads Nation in Social Media Blocks

According to research done by Pro Publica, Kentucky governor Matt Bevin leads the nation's elected officials in blocking social media accounts.

The Dan Johnson Story and Reactions

Here is a summary of the Dan Johnson story by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (KyCIR), and the reactions after it was published.

“Freeway Blogging” Comes to Kentucky

"Freeway blogging" - or putting up political signs above or near highways - has been going on for a while in California. Now it has come to Kentucky.

McConnell Walks Back Moore Condemnation

Senator Mitch McConnell has walked back his condemnation of Republican candidate Roy Moore, saying he would "let the people of Alabama make the call."

Ben Self Says “Stop Being Republican Lite”

Ben Self, the new KDP chair, says it is time for KY Democrats to embrace our own three Gs: Good jobs, good healthcare, and good pensions.

Grad Students Plan Walkout Today at UK, WKU

Graduate students at UK and WKU will join a nationwide protest today over new taxes on graduate students included in the GOP tax bill.

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