JCPS Sends Message to Unions – But Did They Vet the Messenger?

There are words you say, and there are messages you send by your actions. And in the case of Jefferson County Public Schools leadership, their actions just said volumes.

SB180: Louisville’s Hall of Fame and House of Shame

SB180 passed the Ky Senate yesterday. Who from Louisville stood tall and voted against it, and who brought shame on our city by voting for it?

SB180: Let’s Thank the Sixteen Who Took a Stand

SB180, one of the most badly-written and meanly-intended bills to ever come before the General Assembly, passed the Kentucky Senate today by a vote...

Screwing Up Garbage – HB 454

It's hard to screw up garbage -- but HB 454 does just that. And as a result, our one landfill may become a battleground.

Denny Butler, Where Art Thou?

Now that Denny Butler has switched parties, he owes it to his constituents and supporters to answer questions about the future. Here are some starters.

Louisville Outscores Rest of KY AND Peers in LGBT Rights

Human Rights Commission released their report on LGBT rights in U.S. cities, and Louisville got a perfect score! Read on for scores and comparisons!
HBC Crosses on Lawn

Louisville’s Own “San Bernardino” Year

Look at this picture. This is the church I attend. Every year on the second Sunday in Advent, we hammer crosses into the lawn in...

Immigrants: Mayor Gets It Right

Amidst all the fearful, hateful, and xenophobic comments about refugees and immigrants spread around the country in the past week, it is refreshing to...

Big Bucks 1, Urban Design 0

When the news broke that the Walmart lawsuit had been dismissed, I was intrigued by the responses of some of our elected officials. Here is one example: “I’m sure glad that stupid lawsuit is taken care of, so we can get our pictures made breaking ground on this big-ass store, and not have to pay attention to some froufrou urban design crap." So -- what lesson can we take away from the Walmart process, and the responses of our leaders?

Kudos: Metro Gov and Local Groups Help Homeless Vets

One of the distortions you hear from the anti-government crowd is "government can't do anything right." It's good, therefore, to take the time to...

The Regressives Won — Here’s Your Prize, Kentucky

This is not the post I had planned for tonight. And, this was not the election result I expected tonight, either. But here we...

ORSANCO Delivers a Mercury Trick, But It’s No Treat

I hate writing about regulatory issues, sometimes. They're often complicated and arcane, hard to explain and full of competing interests, many of which may...

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