Rep. James Kay Offers Alternate Pension Plan

Here is the "Kentucky Promise Plan" alternate pension plan offered by Rep. James Kay of Woodford County, as captured from his Twitter feed.

Talking Points for the “Shared Responsibility” Pension Plan

Here are the talking points that were used at the Monday (11/6) press conference rolling out the "Shared Responsibility" pension plan.

Legislative Sexual Harassment Policies That Work

Here are six guidelines that an employment law professor says are necessary for elected officials and their staffs to take sexual harassment seriously.

38 Ideas to Solve the Pension Crisis

A grassroots group asked for ideas to solve the pension crisis, since the Gov said that no one was coming to him with solutions. Here's their list of ideas.

Jason Bailey on Pensions (Video)

Here is a video on the pension debate that Jason Bailey of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy recorded earlier for Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

Pension Bill: 20 Interesting Things

The pension bill is out, and we read the whole thing. As we did, we noticed some interesting things, so we made a list, and are sharing our list with you.

Pension Bill: Conflict of Interest Language

When we read the new Pension Bill, we thought the conflict-of-interest language was pretty strong, so we thought it deserved a post of its own.

Pension Reform: Links and Resources

Here is a list of links and resources on pensions that we have found helpful. We will add to this page as we find new resources. Enjoy!

Pension Reform: The Series

Now that the pension bill is released, it's a hot topic. In order to really dig into it, we've decided to produce a series on pension reform. So start here!

Pension Bill Documents Released

Here are the three pensions bill documents that were released on Friday, October 27. Analysis and bullet-points coming later this weekend. Enjoy!

Pruitt’s Deceitful Repeal of the “War on Coal”

Scott Pruitt came to Kentucky to declare the end of the "war on coal." But the WoC isn’t over because it never started, and Pruitt knows that.

The coming collision: Medicaid block grants vs senior adults

The Republicans want to cut Medicaid and move to block grants. But, those immovable goals will collide with an unstoppable force: aging America.