Senate Trumpcare: Winners and Losers

The Senate Trumpcare bill dropped today. What follows is a quick summary of the losers and winners in the bill, along with why.
Effect of Trumpcare by income

Trumpcare Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich in Lexington Area

In Lexington and area, Trumpcare takes $125 million from households making less than $50,000 a year, & transfers it to the upper-middle and wealthy classes.
Effect of Trumpcare by income

Trumpcare Takes $125 Million from Louisville Poor & Middle Class

In Louisville, Trumpcare will take almost $125 million out of the pockets of households making less than $50,000 a year, and transfer it to the wealthy.

The CHOICE Act – Andy Barr’s Giveaway to Wall Street

The CHOICE Act is one of the worst bills to ever come out of Washington. It is written BY oligarchs, FOR oligarchs. Here's why we must stop it.
Effect of Trumpcare by income

Trumpcare Takes $800 Million from Kentucky’s Poor & Middle-Class

Trumpcare will take $800 million from Kentucky's poor and middle class. This is not a healthcare bill – it is robbery, done at the end of a signing pen.

How Coal Rhetoric Hurts Mining Communities

A new report on the mining decline concludes that people in coal country would be better served if politicians would act on reality rather than rhetoric.

Matt Bevin and Donald Trump: A Troubling Comparison

It is obvious to even casual observers that Donald Trump and Matt Bevin have much in common. While we joke about the Twitter addiction,...
Job interview

Stop Asking About Salary Histories

Passing "ban the box" was a good step. Now it's time to stop asking about past salaries, and just pay people the salary they deserve.

Your Children Are Being Hurt by Third-Hand Smoke

New study shows that children, especially young ones, can be harmed by "third-hand smoke," even if adults are careful not to smoke in their presence.

Pre-Existing Conditions in KY: The Pain by Congressional District

Republicans want to roll back protections for people with pre-existing conditions. How many people would that harm in KY? Here are the numbers.

Early Voting Bills Are a Step In the Right Direction

John Dewey said “the cure for the ailments of democracy is more democracy.” Therefore, it's good that KYGA17 is considering several early voting bills.

SB214 – Kneecapping Your Solar Power Plans

Thinking of getting solar power for your home? Then you'd better pay attention to SB214, or you might find yourself shelling out more than you save!