Pension Bill – Plusses and Minuses

Here is a quick summary of the major plusses and minuses of the new pension bill. We've also created an Explainer on "The Three Types of Retirement Plans" that lays out the differences between the three types of plans: defined benefit, defined contribution, and hybrid cash-balance.

Explainer: Three Types of Retirement Plans

Here is a quick Explainer of the three types of retirement plans under discussion in the Kentucky pension debate. Note that this is a summary, and not an in-depth discussion.

Gun lobby support of Kentucky’s federal electeds

When we talk about gun policy, it's helpful to know who is beholden to the gun lobby, and for how much. Here are numbers from Open Secrets, showing lifetime gun lobby support for Kentucky's eight DC electeds.

Bevin’s wrong – it really is the guns

Twice this week, Governor Bevin has blamed culture, especially video games and television shows, for the school shootings in Kentucky and Florida. He's wrong. And research shows the real problem: our insane number of guns, and our lax gun laws.

The myths and facts about education tax credits

The ACLU lays out the myths and facts about education tax credits, also known as scholarship tax credits. This is important information to have, as Kentucky considers adding such credits to its tax code.

Explainer: Tax Credit vs Tax Deduction

If you're one of those people who hand your taxes to someone else to prepare, "tax credit" vs "tax deduction" may seem like just more accountant mumbo-jumbo. But as a citizen, you need to know the difference, so you can decide if a particular deduction or credit is worth the cost. And the difference is huge.

The false choices in the Legislature’s anti-solar energy bill

Rep. Gooch got it wrong in two ways Wednesday when he pitted low-income people against owners of home solar panels: (1) He followed the partisan playbook of turning every issue into good vs. evil. (2) The plan he’s advocating could turn Kentucky into an energy backwater.
Budget Cuts

The 70 eliminated programs in the Bevin budget

Here is the list of 70 programs eliminated in the budget presented by Governor Bevin on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. This list was compiled by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy as part of their initial analysis of the budget.

GOP Tax Bill Favors Richest Kentuckians, Raises Taxes on Poorest

The GOP tax bill favors a few wealthy Kentuckians, while ultimately raising taxes on the poorest people in the state.

Repub Tax Bill Hurts Public Schools, Boosts Private

A little-discussed amendment in the Republican tax bill would boost private schools, while another one would significantly hurt public education.

Why We Need To Raise the Cigarette Tax

What if you could improve health, reduce addictions, and raise money, all at the same time? Sound good? Then we agree: it's time to raise the cigarette tax.

Are Our Elections Secure? Analysis and Recommendations

We conclude our series on election security with our analysis of the question we started with: Are our elections secure? The answer: Yes, but ...