Trump DOE Releases Reality-Based Electric Grid Study

The DOE just released a study of the nation’s electric grid that is in-depth, mostly even-handed, and contains a wealth of data & reasoned recommendations.

The PFM Pension Report: Seven Things to Know

Based on the excellent work done by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, here are seven things you should know about the recent PFM pension report.

Turning the Tables in the Abortion Debate

Three conservative talking points may actually make good, unusual arguments in the abortion debate. At the very least, they open up new lines of discussion.

Explainer—The Kentucky General Assembly

For those of you wanting to learn more about how politics work in Kentucky, here is a short explainer on the Kentucky General Assembly from Greg Leichty.

Who Is Pension Consultant PFM?

PFM is the consulting firm hired to analyze our pension systems. Here is a backgrounder on the firm and some of their other work.

Preemption – Stealing Power from Our Cities

Preemption is when a higher govt level makes a law which overrides a lower level law. States are using this to quash progressive policies at the city level.

Let’s Stop the Hit-and-Kill Bills

There are bills popping up all over the country that would make the Charlottesville attack legal. It's time to stop these "hit-and-kill" bills.

Kentucky Has 23 Hate Groups

Hate groups are not just "somewhere else" but also among us here in Kentucky. Here is the list of 23 hate groups as named by the SPLC in their "hate map."

Trumpcare Bait-and-Switch from Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes of MSNBC put up a short but important thread today about the ACA (Obamacare) vs the AHCA (Trumpcare). Here it is, collated into bullets:

Trumpcare Mothership: Start Here

In order to cover the Trumpcare bill and its possible effects, we have created this parent article (the Trumpcare Mothership). Start here for our coverage!

Andy Slavitt on Trumpcare via Twitter

Andy Slavitt is a healthcare policy analyst. Today he did two Twitter threads on the Senate Trumpcare bill, which we collated. Read, then make those calls!

Andy Slavitt on Senate Trumpcare, Thread #3

More excellent analysis of the Senate Trumpcare bill from Andy Slavitt, healthcare policy analyst and former healthcare official in the Obama admin.