Top Ten Reasons to REJECT the Bevin Pension Plan

People asked for a list of problems with the pension bill that they could share. So, here is my current Top Ten reasons to reject the Bevin pension bill.

The PFM Pension Report: Seven Things to Know

Based on the excellent work done by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, here are seven things you should know about the recent PFM pension report.

Comparison of the House and Senate budget bills

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the House and Senate budget bills. The House will probably reject the Senate version of their bill, so then the two houses will have to go to conference to hammer out a compromise on the differences. Watch for updates as we follow this important bill.

The real-life impact of Kentucky’s Medicaid waiver

Kentucky's Medicaid waiver is set to go into effect in just a few months. It will have a huge impact on hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians. As healthcare advocates point out, the Kentucky Medicaid waiver will impose more rules, more paperwork, more costs, and more ways for Medicaid recipients to lose their coverage.
Shelby County Courthouse (photo by I.W. Marsh [CC-BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

What Shelby County remembered this November and what it largely overlooked

If you're one of the voters that helped keep Shelby County red in the recent elections, Will Barnett has some questions for you about fiscal responsibility.

Pension Bill: 20 Interesting Things

The pension bill is out, and we read the whole thing. As we did, we noticed some interesting things, so we made a list, and are sharing our list with you.

Who Is Pension Consultant PFM?

PFM is the consulting firm hired to analyze our pension systems. Here is a backgrounder on the firm and some of their other work.

So how did that state takeover work out for Detroit?

Sometimes, by being a Johnny-Come-Lately, you can learn from what came before. So, what can we learn from the state takeover of Detroit public schools?
Mass Shooting Stats in US

Despair and hope in the era of mass shootings

I have a 14-month-old son, and of course, I worry a lot. I worry about him falling; I worry about him outsmarting our cabinet locks. And from the day he was born, I haven’t gone into a single building without worrying about how to get him to safety if someone were to open fire while we were inside.

Pension Reform: The Series

Now that the pension bill is released, it's a hot topic. In order to really dig into it, we've decided to produce a series on pension reform. So start here!

Turning the Tables in the Abortion Debate

Three conservative talking points may actually make good, unusual arguments in the abortion debate. At the very least, they open up new lines of discussion.

KY electeds living large off of Leadership PACs

Some KY electeds are using their "leadership PACS" to fund an expanded lifestyle, instead of using the money for campaigns as originally intended.

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