Are Our Elections Secure? Analysis and Recommendations

We conclude our series on election security with our analysis of the question we started with: Are our elections secure? The answer: Yes, but ...

Trumpcare Bait-and-Switch from Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes of MSNBC put up a short but important thread today about the ACA (Obamacare) vs the AHCA (Trumpcare). Here it is, collated into bullets:

KYGA17 – Troubling Bills List

Here is a list of troubling KYGA17 bills provided by a friend of the site. As these are dealt with, we will update the list with results.

Hey Louisville – look what you missed out on, by losing the Amazon bid

It was always a long shot, but Louisville city leaders gave it the old college try. They put together a package to try to land the second Amazon headquarters, but didn't make the finals. As it turns out, perhaps that is actually a good thing. Maybe a VERY good thing.

We Need More Unions — Here’s Why

Now that the Right has taken the governorship, one of the key battles in Frankfort is going to be unions -- or more specifically, killing off unions. With union membership declining across the country, regressives and their corporate partners see this as an opportune time to rid themselves of organized workers. In the face of this coming battle, here is my clear and strong response: We don't need less unions, and we don't need less union members. We need more and better unions -- and business people and millenials agree with me.

Three bad bills still out there

With all the attention on the budget, revenue, and pension bills, it's important to note that there are many other bad KYGA18 bills that could suddenly be passed on Friday or Saturday. Here are three of the most concerning: the gang bill, the net metering bill, and the tuition tax credits bill.

Repub Tax Bill Hurts Public Schools, Boosts Private

A little-discussed amendment in the Republican tax bill would boost private schools, while another one would significantly hurt public education.
Trump Net Approval Drop

Trump approval falls more in KY than any other Southern state

Morning Consult has released their latest monthly poll on President Trump's net popularity, and the Kentucky numbers are a little surprising.

Pension Bill – Plusses and Minuses

Here is a quick summary of the major plusses and minuses of the new pension bill. We've also created an Explainer on "The Three Types of Retirement Plans" that lays out the differences between the three types of plans: defined benefit, defined contribution, and hybrid cash-balance.

Pre-Existing Conditions in KY: The Pain by Congressional District

Republicans want to roll back protections for people with pre-existing conditions. How many people would that harm in KY? Here are the numbers.

So how did that state takeover work out for Detroit?

Sometimes, by being a Johnny-Come-Lately, you can learn from what came before. So, what can we learn from the state takeover of Detroit public schools?

Stop Asking About Salary Histories

Passing "ban the box" was a good step. Now it's time to stop asking about past salaries, and just pay people the salary they deserve.

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