Comparison of the House and Senate budget bills

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the House and Senate budget bills. The House will probably reject the Senate version of their bill, so then the two houses will have to go to conference to hammer out a compromise on the differences. Watch for updates as we follow this important bill.
Sign at the WVa teacher/worker rally on March 3.

West Virginia teachers win raise – but nation’s rural teachers are still underpaid

The longest teacher strike in West Virginia history ended with a deal to grant the teachers 5% more in pay—but issues of pay disparities for rural teachers still persist. If not resolved, teachers in other states could follow the example of West Virginia, where over half of all schools are considered rural.
Mass Shooting Stats in US

Despair and hope in the era of mass shootings

I have a 14-month-old son, and of course, I worry a lot. I worry about him falling; I worry about him outsmarting our cabinet locks. And from the day he was born, I haven’t gone into a single building without worrying about how to get him to safety if someone were to open fire while we were inside.

Pikeville, two Georgia students would like to have a word with you

As reported earlier this week, the Pike County school system has voted to arm its teachers. There's been much discussion about this action. But perhaps, in the midst of the discussion, we should listen to two students who have experienced armed teachers ... in their own school.

Hey Louisville – look what you missed out on, by losing the Amazon bid

It was always a long shot, but Louisville city leaders gave it the old college try. They put together a package to try to land the second Amazon headquarters, but didn't make the finals. As it turns out, perhaps that is actually a good thing. Maybe a VERY good thing.

NO, net metering is not “anti-coal”

The biggest slice of baloney in the debate over net metering is that it's hurting coal, and that the Kentucky Legislature’s bill to kill net-metering is somehow pro-coal.

Pension Bill – Plusses and Minuses

Here is a quick summary of the major plusses and minuses of the new pension bill. We've also created an Explainer on "The Three Types of Retirement Plans" that lays out the differences between the three types of plans: defined benefit, defined contribution, and hybrid cash-balance.

Explainer: Three Types of Retirement Plans

Here is a quick Explainer of the three types of retirement plans under discussion in the Kentucky pension debate. Note that this is a summary, and not an in-depth discussion.

Gun lobby support of Kentucky’s federal electeds

When we talk about gun policy, it's helpful to know who is beholden to the gun lobby, and for how much. Here are numbers from Open Secrets, showing lifetime gun lobby support for Kentucky's eight DC electeds.

Bevin’s wrong – it really is the guns

Twice this week, Governor Bevin has blamed culture, especially video games and television shows, for the school shootings in Kentucky and Florida. He's wrong. And research shows the real problem: our insane number of guns, and our lax gun laws.

The myths and facts about education tax credits

The ACLU lays out the myths and facts about education tax credits, also known as scholarship tax credits. This is important information to have, as Kentucky considers adding such credits to its tax code.

Explainer: Tax Credit vs Tax Deduction

If you're one of those people who hand your taxes to someone else to prepare, "tax credit" vs "tax deduction" may seem like just more accountant mumbo-jumbo. But as a citizen, you need to know the difference, so you can decide if a particular deduction or credit is worth the cost. And the difference is huge.

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